Like I have always said, I detested Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning when I was in primary school but unfortunately, there was no way I could avoid doing them. I was recently watching a comedy skit by basket mouth where he talked about how when he was in primary school he wasn't brilliant and had problem with reciting the 2times table. This made me laugh and it brought memories.

In my class, our teacher had taught us the 2times table and had told us to go memorize it down to 12times. In other to be sure that we weren't lazy about it, she always had us recite it in class every morning. I was such a lazy girl and I always failed to learn it. All I did whenever I got home was to eat, watch TV and sleep. I hardly carried my books because I wasn't a fan of school. So, I never really knew the 2times table and worst still, I wasn't a back seater. I was always sitting at the middle or in front.

So, whenever our teacher came into the class, we would say

    'Good Morning, ma. We are happy to see you. God bless you. 2 times 1 - 2, 2 times 2 - 4, 2 times 3 - 6, 2 times 4 - 8, 2 times 5 - 10...'

And we would continue like that. I knew the 2 times table o and the 3 times table but I had a problem with the 4 times table. The 5 times table was my favourite. The 6 times table down to the 9 times table were my worst. However, the 10 times table and the 11 times table were my favourite. And the 12 times table was a bit simple for me.. So, I had to chew my mouth all the time when I got to those ones that were hard for me and my teacher never noticed.

But one day, nemesis caught up with me. I don't know what entered our teacher o. That's how she divided us. We had 3 rows in our class. Row one would recite it alone. Row two would recite it alone and the same went for row 3 which was my own row. Row one sang theirs well and we all clapped for them. Row two did same and we clapped for them. Then, it was row three's turn. I started chewing my own mouth and only God knows how our teacher noticed.

That was how she kept her hands at her back and started walking beside us. My heart began to race ehn. I tried to follow what others were saying but the thing is that you cant give what you don't have. If you don't know it, then you don't know it niyen. I am one person that sweats a lot and so, I began sweating on the spot and this only made it the more noticeable. So, my teacher got to my side and stopped. I was yet still reciting rubbish out of confusion.

So, she signalled for the entire class to mute which they did and she said

     'Smart will sing it alone. Smart, start'

Fear catch me ehn. My voice started shaking and I couldn't even reason well to sing the right thing. She got angry and told everyone to sit down while I stood up, raise up my hand and close my eyes. Only God knows how long I was punished that day but chai, I was under punishment for a long time. My hands were shaking already and when she felt like, she told me to sit and that she will keep an eye on me from then on. I was happy but at the same time, I was sad because I had no choice than to go learn the multiplications table.

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