My favourite subject in primary school or let me say, one of my favourite subjects was Fine Arts. I liked it because it entailed drawing stuffs and all and so it gave me room to be creative for once in my life. It gave me the opportunity to surprise people like my teachers who had looked down on me because I always failed mathematics and because I was very gentle.

Our fine arts teacher made us get a fine arts book and I had hard time getting a N20 fine arts drawing book...can you imagine that? It wasn't as if I couldn't afford it but I think I always spent the money to buy biscuits or puff puff whenever the school food was whack. Or I failed to tell my parents about it and this got me into serious wahala with my fine arts teacher. He kept flogging and punishing the people without a drawing book, me inclusive.

When I finally got a drawing book, I was pretty excited and I joined others in the fine art class to draw. He would tell us to draw a cup or a house or anything and all of us would get very serious with the scribbling business and mine always came out so wrong and I often got a big red X on my drawing book and this made me sad. I was determined to learn to draw very well.

So, we were given an assignment to draw some things and I was pretty determined to get it right. One of the things we were assigned to draw was a cup that was beside a book in class and so everyone got into it. I was very serious and I took my time to draw it and because I had my head in it, it came out well to the amazement of my fine arts teacher. For once, I got a compliment!

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