After the whole exam paparazzi comes our result collection before the end of the year party hold. Every one in my class knows at least, the first five from the front and the first five from the back. It never almost changed. Its as follows -


1st Position - Oreoluwa Akinade

2nd Position - Tosin Fadaka

3rd Position - Abdul Pelumi

4th Position - Kehind Arokoyo

5th Position - Ada George


36th Position - Yinka Akorede

35th Position - Sewa

34th Position - Iscioma

33rd Position - Grace Smart

32nd Position - Shola

So, our class teacher would call out our names one after the other and we would stand to collect our report cards. However, something happened. Our class teacher had called out names up to the 30th position. She then asked

     'If you know you havent heard your name, raise your hand up and stand up'

The usual 6 of us raised our hands and stood. She then began her usual insults.

     'Unserious children! Your parents sent you to school and you cannot read your books. Ore that always have the first position, does she have two heads? Something is wrong with you people!'

She talked and talked and finally told us to follow her to the headmaster's office which we did and our headmaster seriously scolded us before giving us our report card. He told us that we gave our teacher tough time because she had to squeeze out figures so we dont fail as if been part of the last five wasnt failure on its own already.

That day, the closing bell rang and I went into the school bus. I was the usual story teller in the school bus but this time, I looked sad and told no story. Everyone noticed but no one bothered to ask what happened. My elder brother who was in secondary school and followed our school bus asked me for my report card.

      'They have not yet given us', I lied.

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