And so, the gist that I liked getting to school late is no longer a new story. However, there were times my school bus would just over function and we would get to school just in time. Our Assembly was never a boring one but the one I always didn't like was our Wednesday assembly and Monday assembly because that was when inspection would be done and so many of us would start docking and hiding from our teachers.

So after everything, a teacher would come and address us and advise us to be good pupils and blah blah blah. After everything, it would be time for us to march to our classes. We had so many marching songs but the commonest was

      'The day is bright

       Its bright and fair

       Oh happy day!

       The day of Joy

        The day is bright

       Its bright and fair

       Oh, Oh, happy day - HAPPY DAY!'

And whenever it was a Friday, we would sing

       'Today is Friday

        Its our prayer

        Today is Friday

        Never to forget'

We would always sing it in a very elated mood...especially me. In my mind, I would be like

      'Ope o! No school tomorrow'

One of our favourite marching songs was

       'We are marching on to the forward city, Goodbye failure

         We are marching on to the forward city, I say Goodbye Failure

        We are marching on to the forward city - Goodbye Failure

         Goodbye Failure, BYE BYE'

And the baddest song which was our bestest was

       'Everywhere you go - Go go gongo

       Who ever you be - sisi eko

        Do not say yes, when you need to say NO - Baba Ibadan!'

And when it was exam time and few days to holiday, we would sing

       'Holiday is coming, Holiday is coming

       No more teacher's whips, No more morning bells

      Good bye teachers, Good bye fellows

      Now I wanna have my Jolly HOLIDAY!

      My jolly HOLIDAY!'

I tell you, Primary School was amazeballs!

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