Exam period for me was always my worst bet. This was because I hardly prepared well for exams. I enjoyed playing and playing and sneaking out and watching TV rather than reading and so, I never really knew the answers to many of the questions and this made me a bit sad.

During Exams, I would place my pencil in my mouth, look up to the ceiling and think hard for answers and in the midst of thinking, my thoughts would divert to something else and other times, I would sleep off and be awoken by my desk mate. The worst part was when my class teacher would fold her arms and start walking round to be sure no one was cheating.

I would cover my book whenever she was by my side. I wasn't covering my book because I didn't want anyone to copy me but because I didn't want my class teacher to see the rubbish I was writing down. Many times, the trick worked and other times, my teacher would get so curious to check what I was writing.

The thing is that serious pupils were always the ones covering their books so that no one would copy them while unserious ones and supposedly 'dull' ones were the ones that would open their book wide enough since they had nothing to write. They would start begging for answers and giraffing both the right and wrong thing from supposedly 'brilliant' ones. My own case was that my parents had taught me never to 'giraffe' or ask anyone for answers because God didn't like it. So, I was all alone - I didn't know what to write and I would therefore pencil down rubbish.

One day, my class teacher was on the usual inspection and suddenly stopped my side. I played my usual trick and covered my book. Rather than move on, she insisted I open my book. I started sweating and my heart started beating. I slowly opened it and she saw all the rubbish I had been writing. She scolded me that day ehn. She twisted my ear and started ranting about the 'olodos' in her class. I felt bad and she told me to cancel the rubbish I had written and write another thing. There was no difference because I would still write another rubbish. You cannot give what you don't have.

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