And everyone knows I was an odeshi master while in primary school. I could collect cane for Africa but I no go cry. I was a bossest So, something happened which I cant forget in a hurry. It was our club activities day and the principal of the secondary school arm of my school was at the gate. Her name is Mrs Okelola. Every alumni of Rose International School, Akute in Ogun State should know her. If you don't know her, you never attended our school niyen o. You just passed by ni.

 So that's how this woman stood at the gate, doing inspection and flogging dirty pupils. Haba! How does primary school concern secondary school principal bayii? That's how that day, my shoe was now dusty. I either didn't clean my shoe before leaving home or somehow somehow, dust reached it. So, I entered school only for me to see Mrs Okelola with a fat cane. EH!

She was already flogging some pupils and they were crying seriously. They were all shouting as if they were possessed. Hmm, that's how me I sha carried my gentle self on the queue o. When it was my time, she started shouting

    'Smart, why are you late? Why are your shoes dirty? Turn your back for me!'

I turned my back and she lashed me some amount of canes and God knows it didn't pain a bit. Maybe it was because I was already used to doing odeshi but when I noticed that others had been crying, I had no choice than to fake cry so that it wont be as if I am abnormal because I didn't cry. I faked cry and joined the assembly. Other pupils were crying and catarrh was running out of their nose.

Me I just stayed on my lane and forced tears and when I was done, I cleaned my face and concentrated on the

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