What could be more exciting than when the term is coming to a close. Our school would be filled with so much activity in preparation for our end of the year party.  I liked dancing when I was younger and so, I joined the choreography group so I could explore my creativity even though it wasn't well built on yet. I was also part of the Yoruba cultural group even though I always wanted to be part of the Igbo cultural and my eyes ehn and long throat.

Later on, I joined the drama group but participated only once. I didn't have any major role. I was simply part of the 'villagers' in the play we acted and I enjoyed doing it. I think at some moment, I joined the school choir even though I didn't know how to sing then. I was sha involved in some things and I often enjoyed participating in them.

We choreographed to so many popular secular songs of that time. Some of them include

. Imagine That by Style Plus

. Olori Oko

And one rap song like this. We always had to make a uniform every year and so, we would pay N1000 to get one of it. Other pupils usually envied us in the choreography group and the worst thing was that it was very hard for an outsider to join the choreography group and so, they envied us.

But then, we in Yoruba Cultural Dance group envied those in the Igbo Cultural Dance Group. I always enjoyed watching them whenever they bent down to dance and do so many funny things. And so, I had a problem in the Yoruba Group. I couldn't really dance so much and Yoruba dance involved bending down. I couldn't bend down well because I was very tall. I was the second tallest in my class. Everyone thought I would grow up to be very tall but that turned out to be a fatal lie.

So, our Yoruba teachers would keep screaming

     'You people should bend down especially you smart tallie, bend down o. If you don't bend down well, we would send you parking'

With that threat, everybody would bend down so hard that our backs would hurt and after the rehearsal, we would be very tired and start wishing we were in the Igbo Cultural Dance Group without knowing that theirs was even far worse than ours.

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