My people, na so I see and hear am o. Its all because of the case of a Unibadan Student called MOTE who was suspended for leading a protest for one of the great halls in the university -Independent Hall. He was clamouring for better welfare of the students, better water and power supply. This is not the first protest being led by a hall in the school but unfortunately, the 500 level student of Petroleum Engineering was suspended along with some others.

This 'injustice' by the students disciplinary committee (SDC) vexed many students of the university and this led to an online protest where things such as 'FREE MOTE', 'I AM MOTE', 'AN INJUSTICE TO ONE IS AN INJUSTICE TO ALL' began and there were series of plans made by top students to protest and shut down the school gate by 8am on Monday, 25th of April, 2016.

On Monday, activities went as normal in the school and everyone assumed the protest thing was just an expensive joke till around to 11am when students gathered en mass to begin protest. Students from the Obafemi Awolowo University arrived the school premises to join the aluta but were denied entrance. As described by many, the protest was very cold unlike the proposed plans by NANS, Oyo state and other top students.

They only succeeded in stopping lectures. The Students Union of OAU expressed their displeasure on how things went and called the university of Ibadan Aluta 'weak'. We all assumed the case was closed until around 1am very early this morning when the students of one of the strongest halls 'zik hall' gathered together to defend the school's Aluta integrity.

They began chanting war songs and started marching from hostel to hostel and many male hostels joined but the female hostels refused to join the protest claiming that they don't open their gates before 5am. This questioned the common feminism clamour for men and women equality.

The students disturbed the activities in the universities and went around with masked faces asking for the freedom of MOTE and other suspended students as they locked the school's gate. Around 2pm, everyone waited patiently for the school management's decision but received a bombshell when the vice chancellor announced the commencement of an indefinite strike due to the non - challant attitude displayed by the protesters who were masked.

They also described it as a threat to lives and properties and instructed that every student vacate their halls of residence before 4pm. Any student found in their halls or in the school premises after 4pm is at the risk of expulsion. It was announced on the school's Diamond FM, every hall and every of the school's social media platform.

So na so I see am too o. As for me, Lagos tinz on point. Packing my load activated. I actually need a break but then, it shouldn't last more than a week o. I wanna quickly graduate o...ehen.

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