For a long time, I have been practising divine healing and I seriously mean this! If bad belle people like, make dem try send arrow, dem wan die be that o. It all started out last year while in school. And so, I started feeling sick but then, I realized that so many of my pastors have been boasting about divine health. They do say that they hardly fall sick, in fact, they do not fall sick at all ever since they held strongly to Christ and I have always held strong to this belief.

So many times when malaria would try to strike last year, I would go to my hostel's chapel and call on the Lord and trust God to answer me. The most astonishing thing is that God has just being answering ALL my prayers since the beginning of this year and I am sincerely baffled! I never prayed to God to answer all my prayers this year o. I was instead asking Him to bless everything I lay my hands on. I was asking for concepts, insights and ideas.  I never made a special request to Him concerning answered prayers so I am so baffled at His immense Love.

So, just yesterday, the devil decided to strike. And the idiot sabi say my birthday is tomorrow o. He now decided to confuse my system with malaria. I was so disappointed. What will I tell my friends? How will they feel if they hear that I fell ill on my birthday. How could the devil do this? So, I started calculating how I would visit my school's clinic called Jaja but then, I remembered that I have a Father in Heaven who I can easily ask to deal with the devil and interrupt his plans. I realized then that I had fumbled and allowed doubts into my mind.

I rejected every form of medicine. Drugs aren't for me. I have a father who is in charge of every part of my body and can easily breath life into any and it would work. So, I prayed a single prayer with confidence. In fact I didn't pray. I started confessing God's words and promises. I started saying -

    'Father, I know I am your daughter. I know my body is the temple of the living God. I know that your Glory radiates in me and your word says that wherever your Glory is, no evil or foreign thing like malaria can penetrate. Therefore, I cannot be sick. I am whole! I am hale and hearty. Lord, I know mosquitoes are in my room and they bit me yesterday but Lord, it cannot affect me. In fact, from now on, whenever any mosquito tries to come near me, they will burn to ashes. I am healed in Jesus Name'

I didn't stop there. I spoke in tongues and to the Glory of God, the malaria symptoms disappeared! That's the God I serve! I serve a living God. I remember telling my roommate something when I firstly came into the room. I said

    'You cannot be sick as long as I am in this room. I will pray for you. You will practise divine healing and you will be made whole!'

I said that with confidence even though she's a moslem. I don't care. And so, she fell sick some weeks ago and when I got to know, I stood up and told her

    'I will pray for you in the name of Jesus and you will be made whole!'

She said she wont say AMEN and I should pray under my voice. IFFA HEAR say I pray under my voice. I prayed out loud and I know God intervened and so, I reminded God yesterday

    'How can I tell this my moslem roommate that she cant be sick because I am here and me I will now be sick. LAILAI! Don't let people ask me where my God is. Lord, intervene'

And God intervened! Many times, what God is waiting for is for us to show Him how confident we are. God is ready to heal us only if we trust in Him and confess His words without a single doubt in your heart. You cannot confess what you don't know. If you aren't reading your Bible, automatically, there is nothing to confess. That's why you have to study God's word, stay on it, eat it and get WORDED!

I don't know what you are passing through right now whether in your health, finances, family, marriage, education, life generally. God is alive and ready to intervene only if you come unto Him all you who are weary and heavily laden, He will give you rest. AMEN!

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Anonymous said...

Nice Post! God bless you!