Now this is one thing most Christians go through. I am almost forced to say ‘all’ Christians. But then, it gets to a level whereby you are already matured in the things of God and focusing in prayer is no longer a problem. We can almost say that people like 

·       Pastor E.A Adeboye
·       Bishop Oyedepo
·       Reinhard Bonnke
   Benny Hinn
These people at the stage they are right now might not have the problem of focusing in prayer. I used the word ‘might’ because we are all humans and there is a high possibility and once in a while they might face that.

Anyway, I hear so many people complain about their inability to stay focused during prayers and am like

    ‘Nna, no be only you o’

Sometimes, I might be praying and then remember that I haven’t done an assignment but then I bring my mind back and before I know it, I start thinking of how someone recently said something offensive to me and am like

      ‘Nawa o. People sef’

But then, I remember I am praying and I quickly come back to prayers. My mind just keeps running up and down.

One day, I was praying in the chapel of my hostel and I was lost in thoughts again and I decided to sing. I told you guys I sing...I compose songs and many of my songs come in the place of prayer. In the song, I decided to keep my mind, eyes and heart ‘affixed on the cross, affixed on Jesus’. And it worked.

I have been thinking recently on how to stay focused in prayers and I got these
·       Come with an expectation – If you are going into the place of prayers, go expectant that God would reveal Himself to you.
·       Come with an empty mind ready to be filled – This implies that you have to leave all your worries and pains and thoughts behind and come empty to be filled. A boxed up mind would never focus in prayers.
·       Tell God about it – Say a short prayer like ‘Lord, help me to focus even as I pray to you now in Jesus Name’
·       Stay focused! – The best way to stay focused during prayers is by staying focused. Be attentive. Don’t be looking around. Stay focused.
These are some of the tips and I hope they come in very handy like they have to me. May God help us all even as we stay focused in prayers AMEN!

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