Actually, I should have written

   'Students ABOUT to protest in the University of Ibadan'

But I guess they have started already. They are clamouring for the rights of a guy named MOTE and some other students who got 'suspended' or 'rusticated' for leading a protest in a hall which was for the betterment of students in that hall.

While this is on - going, I am in my room 'chillaxing' with my laptop. I stay in a private hall named 'St Annes Female Hostel' on campus and so, whenever there is a protest, they don't  disturb us only on very very very rare occasions.

Well, I support the protest though if that is the way to settle things because corruption has eaten deep into the system of Nigeria and universities are affected too. We have corrupt vice - chancellors, corrupt professors and lecturers, corrupt student union governments, corrupt faculty presidents, corrupt departmental presidents, corrupt individual...corrupt nation.

I don't like getting involved in protests. I believe in praying To me, there is nothing God cannot change. We are Christians and just a word from our mouth would reverse the V.C's decision immediately. So we don't need to struggle for things like this. If only everyone was a Christian. Well, we have Christians protesting too...I mean genuine Christians though.

However, let the students fight for the right of MOTE and others. They need to come back to school and graduate and face the real life and be the change we all want. We don't need illegal SDC letters. But then, even after MOTE and others have been fought for, that doesn't stop the VC from doing that to other students later on. Like I quoted earlier on,

      'Only an insane man can cure the insanity of our present world' - Emete Smart 2016

Some things cannot just be undone.

Anyway, for now, no class but I have GES Test in the evening. I hope it holds. Let me just write it and forget...abi?


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