One thing I hate the most is stepping on people's toes intentionally except I just wanna joke and all but doing this voluntary action intentionally is not my thing. Since its not my thing, I don't expect any other person to try to do it to me. However, we cant just avoid some really annoying people who have A1 in stepping upon other people's toes. Well, I have one around me.

I am this very fun person when I wanna be and one person that jokes a lot even though I have started cutting down on it because this would give people the ticket to take you for granted which hurts a lot. I used to be one joker and people started seeing me as unserious and therefore someone to be taken for granted and when I noticed that, I changed it for them o and then, they realized that being funny or playful doesn't mean the person is absolutely unserious.

So, I have this very annoying girl in my class who enjoys picking on me. Apparently, she does this to other people but what do I care? If you do it to others, that doesn't mean you should do it to me. When people meet me for the first time, they most times assume am just this tush, gentle  and perhaps, strict person but I am not! It all depends on when and how you meet or met me. For this babe, I was in a joyous mood and so I cracked her ribs all through and so, she has therefore decided to take advantage of the situation which I so much detest.

In 100 level, she was so unbearable and I just had to tongue lash her. In 200 level, she started her trash again and I was almost tongue lashing her again but I kept my calm for whatever reason and now in 300 level, she's back at it. We were having a class and so, I asked others for the venue and they told me the class would hold at our Large Lecture Theatre (LLT) meanwhile, it was supposed to hold at Room 34 (one of the class rooms in my faculty).

Naso this babe come ask me and I told her it was LLT. We were almost going there when we saw people entering room 34. On the other hand, she had told other people it was LLT too. So, the mis information was like a chain already. So, people started informing others that it was room 34 because we don't have a fixed class for the course. That's how she started shouting

     'Smart Grace said its LLT'

Now, she didn't say this for any sensible reason. She only said this to turn heads and make people laugh which no one did. She kept repeating this and I was just swallowing and thank God for the God in me. I said

     'Must you emphasize it?

She replied,

      'Maybe because I asked the wrong person'

I was dumbfounded because the two statements don't even relate. After then, she still came to borrow my phone to make a call. So many things this babe has done that if I should consider ehn, I wouldn't be on good terms with her but nah nah nah. Life is more than that and I choose not to and I try my possible best to forget them so that when next am relating with her, her face isn't shimmered with her past sins.

This is the same thing God does for us. Once we are in Christ, He said He would remember our sins no more. When we sin and ask for forgiveness, he would forgive and forget so that when He looks upon us after that, our faces aren't clouded with past sins. What love! That's what He wants us to do too. Some people know how to forgive but can never forget. If you don't forget, you haven't forgiven completely but when you forget and see the person as ever new, you are behaving like the father. we should embed the nature of Christ...*winks*.

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