My Dear Country People, Good Evening!

Hmm. The kind news wey I see for newspaper today no do my belle well. Who be the law makers of this our country sef and how dem dey take elect them? Dem suppose give us the chance to vote every single person into office. No be the one wey one god father go just put hin cousin's aunty's uncle son for office wey he no know about.

Imagine dem nasarrawa APC and PDP law makers dey trade blow. AHAN! Dem be pikin? Na dem go dey tell their children say make dem no fight for school but na dem go dey fight for office. Whenever I dey watch TV, dem go always show as the people wey dey rule us go dey fight themselves. Some go slap, another go carry chair, another go remove belt. The one wey baffle me pass na the one wey wan political woman sef dey fight with one of the political men and I go just dey wonder when sanity go be restored back to our system.

How can people who act like mad men be ruling us? If dem no fit think straight, it mean say dem no go fit deliver the right thing to Nigerians. We no fit fold our arms to watch all these rubbish and abomination. Dem no even dey shame as dem dey show am for TV because dem no even care in the first place. Their own na to chop money, loot and show off power and fight with any person wey dare to talk to them anyhow.

Before dem enter, dem go dey do like angels wey no fit kill mosquito but after dem enter, na to fight themselves. Both APC and PDP no get shame! Na everyday dem dey disgrace our dear country. Dem no even know say unemployment don increase sotey people no dey too consider jobs again. Na to partake in crime remain. That na why dem dey go online dey defraud people and other nations of the world don see our country as bad. Na because our leaders no even pay us attention. Dem no fit argue wisely and settle their differences amicably.

I shake my head for the children we have as leaders. In fact, we no get leaders. We only have rulers. The fact say you dey rule no mean say you dey lead. Na two different things. May God give us leaders wey go serve not rulers who want to be served.



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