My people, how far ooo?

I don come again and this one na with one big question for the APC Chieftain, Tinubu. I dey waka on my own when I hear people dey talk about the recent statement oga tinubu release on my birthday. He talk say we suppose blame PDP for the current fuel scarcity and I no know wetin I fit do than to laugh out loud o. Blame who? PDP? Oga Tinubu na big time joker.

First of all, during election period, many of the main PDP members cross - carpeted to APC. Dem don see future say it be like this PDP no too sure and dem don know say everything no go favour bross jona again and so dem wisen up and pick race comot from PDP to APC. If to say dem still dey PDP, sebi bros buhari for don charge dem for corruption but as all of dem take corrupt, they are hiding under the banner of APC.

So, if oga tinubu go talk say na PDP dey responsible for the current situation, my question is who is PDP? At this moment, we have the old PDP and the new PDP. APC is like the old PDP and the new PDP is like the old APC. So, make he direct that accusation to all the people wey branch hin party. Na dem dey responsible.

Secondly, I don't even see his accusation as sensible in this current situation. Is he suppose to throw tantrums or he suppose dey find out solution to the problem on ground? I no understand all these old men that have refused to grow up. All these children leaders. Na because dem no sabi wetin to talk again, na hin dem dey accuse PDP. Every problem on ground, na PDP dem go call rather than think out solution.

Hin come talk say Nigerians aren't impatient with the Buhari Administration. He talk say we only want to know the direction the administration is heading. Says who? In fact, we are fed up! No light, no water, no anything and you think we have time to waste? May go soon knack and Buhari Government go clock one and one chieftain man wey dey hin mansion dey enjoy A.C dey talk say we are not impatient. We are fed up! Where are all those thing he promised us on the day he was sworn in?

Is this what he meant by 'I belong to everyone and I belong to no one?' Is this the N1 to $1 he promised us? Bros Buhari, who are you and why did you really come back to rule? Shey na to chop the money you no chop during your former tenure or to carry out another plan? El - Rufai, I go still face you but your case no be today.



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