My Country People, I hail!

The matter on ground wey I wan yarn una today na very serious matter. I don almost cry today when my lecturer dey yarn us for class of how our politicians don loot money wey fit feed generations and we still dey here dey manage things! Imagine this woman, Diezani Madueke - Alison. I wan pray for her. May God have mercy on you, madam! I thank God say man no be God! God is a merciful God!

How woman go sit for political position and loot over $90billion under our nose? EHHHHHHHH!!!!!! OGHENE!!!!!!!! Abi I make mistake for figures? Abi shey na Naira not Dollars? It mean say many of our politicians even rich pass world acclaimed richest man, Bill Gates. Like, I no even understand at all. Dem pursue am?

Look at Bukola Saraki as buhari dey take open hin own can of worms and the man face dey be like person wey wan cry. See Olisah Metuh case wey spread like wild fire early this year. See as dem just dey find out newer and newer things. These wicked people get different accounts for abroad and Nigeria and plenty money in Naira, Pounds and Dollars fill am! CHAI! And people still dey beg for street for your country? Una no get heart!

Madueke, unless you don repent, I repeat, you no get heart! You don disgrace women finish! Your children no fit dey proud of you because dem go dey cry as dem dey watch as government don open all your sins for national TV. See wetin you don enter! Wetin you wan spend all the money on? Cars? How many you wan drive? Houses? How many you wan live in? Food? How many you wan chop abi you wan chop die? Una no get conscience o. Vanity upon vanity. All na vanity!

And see the matter. The woman dey struggle with cancer now. I just pity her. May God heal her anyway. As buhari don get the money wey she return, she go dey use the remaining dey treat herself. Na life be this? No single integrity! Saraki own still dey. Metuh own still dey. Hmm. Make buhari probe tinubu, obasanjo, amaechi and Jonathan o. We wan hear more and as dem dey regain the money, make dem use am for the common people of Nigeria. Because it fit be say as dem dey regain am, dem dey credit their own account too. It is well o.

As dem go say

     'A good name is better than riches!'



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