Why has that prayer not yet being answered?

If its not sin problem, then it is doubt problem.

If its not doubt problem then it is lack of sincerity.

If its not lack of sincerity then it is lack of patience.

If its not lack of patience then its not God's will for you.

In prayers for answered requests, we have to make sure we are fighting the right battle.


The Bible says that the prayer of a sinner is an abomination to God. If you are in Christ, you will know. If you are not in Christ, you will know. If you are in Christ but not fully rooted, you will know. If you are in Christ but you are also practising another religion, you will know. The secret to answered prayers is to be born again and be deeply and fully rooted in Christ so that God can hear and respond to your prayers.


Many Christians pray with doubts in their minds. They are not sure God will answer the prayer. They are not even sure God is listening to them. They even think the prayer request is too big for God to answer. They are seriously battling with the problem of doubt. You have to know that the earth is the Lords' and its fullness thereof and nothing is impossible for God. You have to believe Him and His word so that He can answer your prayers. There must not be any iota of doubt. The God that raised the dead to life, the God that brought back dry bones to life and the God that parted the red sea still lives, rules and reigns. So your request is not a big thing for Him. Kill doubt!


Many Christians are not sincere in their prayers. They just see God as an option. You see Christians that have alternatives if God doesnt answer on time. Thats why many barren women visit diabolical powers so as to get pregnant because they thought God is wasting their time. Some people are not sincere in a way that its only when they need something that they remember to pray and you think God is a fool? He isnt!


This is applicable to so many Christians. Many Christians lack patience and if you arent patient, it will be hard for you to enjoy your Christian life and definitely hard for you to enter the kingdom of God. Its not bad to be expectant and want a quick answer to your prayers but if it doesnt happen immediately, you have to exercise patience with God. It might be that He is testing you or He is waiting for the right time to give you what you are asking for. Follow God's leading instead.


This is the one many people dont want to hear but many things we ask God for might not be God's will for our lives. Its not that He hates us but He loves us enough to know whats best for our lives. He alone knows the end from the beginning and He wants His perfect will for our lives. But when we fail to realize this fact, we will keep struggling and struggling and moving in circles and at the end, get frustrated and then such people will join the ignorant ones to say there is no God.

Aside form these five, it might even be that God has heard and answered your prayers but there is a delay in your access to the answers. Remember the story in the book of daniel - how the prince of persia prevented the angel from bringing the answered prayers. The same thing might be happening. God might have answered your prayers but some forces are holding the answers back. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers. So, you have to know that it is the right battle you are fighting. Rather than blaming God for everything.
So, find out the problem and know why you are yet to receive answers so you can know which problem or lack to tackle.

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