There is something I have been hearing frequently that has caught my attention. Many pastors always preach one certain sermon concerning Loving God. They always say

    'Love God because of who He is'

There is one popular Christian song that says

    'Because of who you are, I give you Glory

     Because of who you are, I give you praise

     Because of who you are, I will lift my voice to sing

     Lord I worship you, because of who you'

I have been thinking deeply about it and just today, during a ladies meeting in my hostel, one of the ladies admonished us to Love God because of who He is and a word dropped into my heart. Lets use this analogy -

   'A Guy meets a girl and likes her. He decides to marry her. The girl doesn't really like the guy

    but later on, she grows to like him and eventually grows to love him. They fall deeply in love

    and after a while, they get married. The guy happened to be very rich and prominent but after

    a year, he gets involved in an accident and looses his legs. He gets bankrupt and looses his money

    and ends up loosing his prominence but still, the girl sticks with him through thick and thin.

    At last, things go smoothly again and even though he has no legs, he gets rich again and gets


What can you deduce from the following story? Now, the girl didn't love him just because of who he was but she had a deeper love for him. If she had loved him just because he was rich, prominent and good looking, she could have abandoned him the day he had an accident but no. She loved him beyond all those. She had an unconditional love for him.

The same applies to God. Its good to Love God because of He is God. One good thing is that God will forever remain God. He wont loose His Glory. He wont loose anything. But God wants us to enter a deeper love for Him. What of the times you pray and nothing happens? What of when situations give you a blow? Will you loose faith? Will you join people to say there is no God? Common! God loves us so much - beyond us that He gave His son for us. Love God not just because of who He is but because He is God - because you love Him affectionately, unconditionally.


Lord, teach me to love you

Lord, bring me to a point where I will love you with all my  heart

Lord, help me to obey all your commandments


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