Something happened to me during the short break. Not just something but a whole lot of things and I have every reason to be grateful to God. These occurrences have taught me that God never fails. He is always on time and God’s time is the best. God’s time is always the right time.

When we look at what happened in the Bible when Lazarus died, we would be able to understand that God’s time is always the right time. He is always on time. But we don’t know that because we are humans and God doesn’t operate the same time as humans. Like it is said, a thousand years is like a day before God.

Martha called Jesus to come heal her brother but Jesus didn’t arrive till Lazarus died. Now Martha taught all hope was gone since Lazarus was dead already. It was a dead case to her but Jesus wasn’t seeing things that way. He was seeing a sleeping Lazarus. Indeed, we need to have the mind of Christ and we need to pray to God to open our spiritual eyes. She was seeing the physical but Jesus was seeing the spiritual. Good to know that the spiritual controls the physical.

Even when Lazarus was pronounced dead by men, God pronounced him living by commanding him to come out and he hearkened. The Bible says that if we agree that everything we bound on earth is bound in Heaven and everything we loose on earth is loosed in Heaven, it will surely come to pass.

It was the same thing that happened when God commanded sinews and flesh to the dead and dry bones and they came back to life and were an exceeding great army. This shows that God is a timely God and everything that happens is to His Glory. There is no dead case with God unless we decide to give up on God and I see no reason why we should ever give up on God when He never gave up on us. While we were sinners, He loved us! What an amazing God!

In my own case, I needed something very badly because if I failed to get it before the stipulated time, that would be the end. There were so many pressures from everywhere and it seemed like God wasn’t even paying attention to me but then, I trusted in His word and believed that He would never fail nor disappoint and to the Glory of God, the deadline closed but then, the people in charge decided to extend it. I was baffled and the next week, I got everything I needed on a platter of Gold. I really cried. Many of you can’t understand because I am explaining it codedly.

All I need you to know is that God is the ‘Last minute unfailing God’. He comes to play even at the last minute and makes everything okay again. Even when the case has been pronounced ‘dead’ by men, as long as you don’t agree with such pronouncement, God would always come in.

So I don’t know what anyone is passing through now. It could be
·       A terminal sickness whereby money is needed for surgery and no money is forthcoming. Just by reading this post, be sure that God’s plan for your life isn’t surgery. God can grant you divine healing. You will not have to pay a dime. God can heal you now. Yes, NOW!
·       No money for house rent. God can provide you that money from quarters where you never expected. In fact, God can make you a landlord now instead.
·       No money for school fees. God can deliver that money into your hands right now. You can receive a call from people who have closed their doors on you or even people you didn’t even ask. God can work that miracle now. It would baffle you. If the deadline is closed because of only you, there would be an extension in Jesus Name only if you believe.
·       No spouse. Your mates are already married and no spouse is forthcoming. As you step out today, in fact now, God would surprise you with the bone of your bones and in a couple of months, you will be the one calling them for your own marriage
·       Failed Business. You don’t need to quit. The God that raised the dry bones is still alive and he will quicken back to life your business and it would start booming right now. People will travel from all over the world just to patronize you.
·       Black Sheep. Everyone has looked down on you but God hasn’t. God is seeing untapped potentials in you and God loves you just the way you are. Just as Jesus was favoured before God and man, everything will begin to work in your favour right now.
·       Failed Finances. One of my friends told me she is tired of life because there is no money both at home and in her hand. Such a person wouldn’t think twice in committing suicide. I know there are many people like that right now but I tell you, the earth is the Lords’ and the fullness thereof. God has given us power to dominate. From now on, everything will begin to work in your favour in Jesus Name. Prosperity from all corners of the earth is yours from now on. Everything you lay your hand on prospers.
·       Failed Academics. You are not getting the results you want. You read hard but still fail. God is connecting success to you right now. You brain works perfectly in the exam room. You begin to write down the right things. You read the right things. The Lord bestows upon you wisdom, knowledge and understanding, retentive memory and the spirit of remembrance. The Excellent Spirit of Daniel is upon you from now on and you get your As.
·       Debts. No matter how much you owe, God pays it off in Jesus name. Right Now! I want you to choose the package you want. It’s either the person calls you to cancel the debt right now or God provides the full amount for you to pay the debt. I tell you, God will do it right now only if you believe. Let me hear you say ‘I BELIEVE’
·       Curses – You might be operating under a curse and you might know or you might not know. It might also be a generational curse or a curse placed on you by someone. The bible says ‘a curse causeless shall not come’. No matter who placed a curse on you, as long as you believe, it is broken right now in Jesus Name! Not tomorrow but NOW! The siege is over! The storm is over! The chains are broken! The curse is broken! Any witch pursuing you or your family confesses and dies right now! No matter how tush you want to form, if a witch is on your case, you are doomed. If you believe, that witch confesses and dies right now in Jesus Name!

No matter your situation, God will work it out. Whether it has been pronounced a dead case or it is at the last minute. As long as you believe, God will show himself strong in Jesus Name. AMEN!

There is a song I sang when God did mine for me. It is a powerful song written by Gospel Singer, Glowreeyah Braimah and Nathaniel Bassey.

       ‘Miracle Worker
        You are the miracle worker
        You will do a miracle, a miracle today
        You will do a miracle, a miracle today
        Your name is YAHWEH!
        Your name is YAHWEH!
        You are the miracle working God
        Your name is YAHWEH!

        Destiny Changer
        You are the destiny changer
        You will change a destiny, a destiny today
        Come and change a destiny, a destiny today
        Your name is YAHWEH!
        Your name is YAHWEH!
        You are the destiny changing God
        Your name is YAHWEH!’

This is a prophetic song. Download it from Google to listen to it. Nothing is impossible for God only if you believe. That’s why I call Him ‘THE LAST MINUTE UNFAILING GOD’!

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