I used to be one person that gets irritated easily. If I will ever have a problem with any of my friends, it would be for the major reason that they were already doing so many stuffs that irritate me. As God would have it, He has helped me deal with such a problem but just recently, I became irritated by a perky attitude displayed by two of my friends.

I am one person that gives a lot. If you know me, you will be aware of this fact. As long as I know fact, as long as I have set my eyes on you, I would always give to you if you are in dire need of anything but then, everyone knows am an unapologetic foodie and when it comes to food, there is a way I do my things.

If I have food to eat, I don't like giving people OUT of my food. Nah Nah Nah. That's not me. I prefer to make yours or give you money to buy yours because I don't like the idea of my portion being shortened. The reason is because when I see my food, my mind, brain and heart have been prepared to eat that amount. So when a part of it is taken by someone, I don't feel too good even if I know I might not finish it.

So recently, a friend came into my room and met me eating and she just asked

     'Can I take out of your food?'

I had no option than to nod my head even though in, in hurt o. So, she took out of it and seriously, that's how she does. I am one person that will never ask for your meal no matter how shooky shooky it seems in my eyes. As if that wasn't enough, just yesterday, another friend followed me into my room and without asking, she collected my donought and cut out of it. I was absolutely shocked. She took my cake and was about doing this. I really was vexed but I had to make use of self control. So, I said

     'Nawa for you o. You didn't even ask me if you could take it'

She replied

      'Should I help you unwrap your doghnut'

That was very rude. I absolutely don't like people with such a perky attitude. If you are one, stop it. Inasmuch as the other person isn't complaining doesn't mean they like it. I have made up my mind that next time, I will tell it to her face. WHEEW!

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