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I know many of us are in this category but I wont lie, inasmuch as I always write and urge us all to pray often, there comes this 'shininang' and then, I get to skip prayer time too many times. And do you know the funny thing? I might remember but you know that common Bible verse in Mattew 26 vs. 41

     'The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak'

Aha! The flesh sabi over weak o when it comes to prayer. But do you know what I noticed? The spirit and the flesh is always willing when there is a pressing issue on ground and you know say na Baba God wey fit settle the matter. That time, the flesh would even be more willing than the Spirit. But when there are less or no problems? The flesh would just relax and be adding extra fat.

I tell you, thats the plan the devil has orchestrated. I have come to realize that indeed the spirit could be willing but the flesh could actually be weak. The spirit could be telling one to pray in the middle of the night but the flesh would remind one that work dey the next day and work time is 8am and boss condoles no nonsense.

The spirit could be telling one to pray during one's spare time at work or in class but the flesh would remind one that the spare time is the only time one has to rest. After that, its serious hard work. The spirit may be telling one to pray in tongues for some minuites before going to serious prayer and finally going to bed but the flesh would remind us that sleep is inevitable, nature calls and no one can cheat mother nature.

However, I have come to understand that when we face God, we cannot lay out any excuse before Him. While Jesus was on earth, He prayed at all times and never for once complained and the mistake many would tend to make is by making a foolish statement like

   'Thats why its Jesus na. Me I am not Jesus o'

I feel we should change our mindset and if we would ever succeed spiritually on this earth, we have to stay in prayers and focus our minds while praying. If not, the devil would toss so many christians with the wind. We cannot be champions till we have prayed and we cannot pray till we have submitted our flesh to Christ's nature.

Its just like a fat lady who wants to slim down. Her body would beg her to eat junks, soda, pizza, chicken and chips, more carbohydrates and fats and oil but because she is determined to slim down, she will cut down on all those severely by controlling her body and appetite. Thats the same way we should control our flesh and not allow our flesh control or dictate for us.

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