Inasmuch as I wanna keep up with my relationship with God, I still struggle with a few things in my Christian Life and one of such is the struggle of doing my morning devotion. I believe in doing my morning devotion before setting out for the day and I always write about it. However, I have to tell you that its not been quite easy for me to practically do.

I believe that once we are in Christ, we dont need to struggle for anything and living the Christian life shouldnt be a struggle even though temptations would arise. So, one of my christian friends and fellowship sister walked into my room one early morning and came to talk to me about me doing my morning devotion.

She said while she was praying, her mind kept going to me and the need for her to talk to me about my early morning devotion. Well, she heard right. Just as breakfast is the most important meal of the day, the same applies to morning devotion. Even though I would pray very hard at night, without my morning devotion, its not complete and thats the truth.

And thats why we hear and see posters in church like

     'A sunday without sunday school is not complete'

Sunday School is done in the morning. There is something about the morning. Thats when we start our day and we have to control our day's activities to God early in the morning and not in the evening when the day is already gone. With this mindset, I have been praying to God to help me so that I can be true and consistent with my morning devotion.

I know there are so many people struggling with doing morning devotion because you have to wake up so early, freshen up and fix breakfast in a short time so as to get to class or work or meet with an appointment very early and so, morning devotion could skip the mind. Something can be done.

1. Be determined to do your devotion every morning

2. Place your Bible beside your pillow or very close to your bed so that when you wake up, thats the fisrt thing you would see.

3. Place your morning devotion book on your bible as well. Some people use 'Open Heavens by Pastor Adeboye of RCCG' or 'Daily Manna'. Whichever one you use, place it on your Bible too because you might be too tired to reach for it when you wake up.

4. Set an alarm some minuites before your 'wake up' time and write on the alarm reminder 'morning devotion' time so that when you wanna off your alarm, you would see the reminder or you can make it into audio whereby a voice would be screaming 'morning devotion time'

5. Team up with your roommate so that he or she could wake you up for it or your married partner or a christian friend who could always place a call to remind you when they wanna do theirs

6' Pray that God helps you because the spirit could be willing but the flesh could be very weak. Pray God gives you dominion over sleep and laziness and He would help you if you are indeed sincere!

So, lets all start being consistent with our morning devotion. its very important!

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