According to the 2009 statistics, Christianity is the largest religion in the world with over 2 billion members all over the world. But then, I sit and think and wonder, out of the over 2 billion members, how many are 'heaven - prepared'? I have come to realize that its no longer about the number but about the essence. So many people have forgotten the essence, reason, purpose and meaning of christianity. Everyone now claims to be a christian.

However, going down memory lane, Christians were firsly so - called because they were 'CHRIST - LIKE'. That is, they behaved like Jesus Christ, our Lord and saviour who is God. They also loved Jesus and Jesus said if we love Him, we would obey His commandments but many 'so - called christians are not obeying Jesus' commandments. If there is true christianity, that indicates that there is obviously fake christianity and that is what many people are envisaging.

To me, there are over 1.5 billion fake christians in the world while there are less than 500 million true christians in the world and at the same time, this true christianity is dying out already. When Jesus would come, there might be only 1 million true christians left with the way things are going. What then are the factors behind the decline of true christianity?


According to the 2013 statistics, only 39% of americans attend church. On the 3rd of November, 2014, there was an article titled 'U.S PUBLIC BECOMING LESS RELIGIOUS'. On the 10th of february, 2015, another article was published titled 'RUSIANS RETURN TO RELIGION BUT NOT TO CHURCH'. There is an average of 1% decline in the attendance of Britons to Church and praise God for His mercies on us in Africa, at least, we can boast of over 60% church attendance and as at now, that 60% is already becoming a thing of the past as so many people are leaving the church.

I have two friends who dont go to church and when you ask such people their reasons, they would say

     'Abeg, there is no true church again. Most of these churches are fake. So why waste my time when I can simply pray in my room?'

I tell you, thats a mindset from the pit of hell! If there was no need for church, Jesus wouldnt have started one in the first place and that isnt even an excuse because Jesus and prophets of old have warned us severely in the Bible of false prophets that would arise. So if you have been reading your Bible well, you would realize that you need the Holy Spirit to up your game from the confusion of the endtime.

Why dont you pray that God would order your steps and lead you to a Bible believing Church instead? We have to start attending church so that we can always renew our spirit man in Christ. Start telling your friends about Church and visit those who dont attend Church regularly. Lets build up true Christianity once again by going to church! Tomorrow is sunday...dust your Bible, Iron your decent church dress and be expectant as you go to receive from God IN CHURCH tomorrow.


This would be treated tomorrow! Stay tuned to this Christian Blog!

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