There is one thing I have been thinking of for a while and I want you to think about it too.

Education is one necessity that cannot be ignored. God embraces education but nevertheless, He uses the uneducated. In the world today, there is still a high percentage of uneducated people and the government of every country is trying their possible best to reduce this rate as a high rate of educated people in a country would be of advantage and great benefit to such a country.

One of the tactics the government is using is the provision of free education. In Nigeria, government build schools, give out free textbooks and uniforms with little or no amount paid by the child's parent or the person who wants to go to school. They use this as a bait in order to get people educated.

However, there is still the existence of very expensive private schools and universities. The restaurant owner in my hostel has a son who attends a school worth over a million naira and there are many schools like these. This high amount charged is enough to discourage people from getting schooled and once again, frustrate the government's efforts of getting people to attend schools.

We all know that many churches now own big schools and many or most of these schools charge incredibly high and expensive and outrageous amounts. One would suppose that a school owned by a religious organization such as the church should for that reason, encourage education by charging even less or free so as to encourage many people to get schooled. However, the reverse is the case.

What then do you personally think about this? Is this right? Should schools owned by churches charge high amounts too? Is there any verse in the Bible backing this up or if there is none, does God support this or are many churches already tilting towards carnality by using such opportunity to make money? THINK ABOUT IT!

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