On Monday, during my trip round Ibadan, I stumbled upon a man who seemed homeless. All he had was a broken chair and an umbrella. I was inside a cab but I can tell you, the heat was worse than terrible. The sun had no mercy and had no regard for nobody. I was absolutely frustrated by the hot weather and wished I had an Air - Conditioned car. For once, I wished my cab driver could install A.C in his cab. Thats to tell you how bad and hot the weather was.

As we passed, I saw this man who was sitted on a white broken chair. The chair wasnt even good at all. The legs were almost falling off and any mistake, he would come crashing on the ground. He must be under weight for him to be able to sit on the chair without breaking it. He also had an umbrella which looked quite unkempt. He placed it over him. He looked old and there is a possibilty that he might not be an old man. Poverty has a way of reshaping a man.

He held unto his umbrella and bent his head low. I cant say if he was praying or thinking but I can say for sure that he was homeless. If he had a home, he had be inside not outside. He had no one. I dont even know if he was begging because he had no bowl beside him. He was simply all alone and I felt very bad. Things like that could move me to tears and make me appreciate God more for my life. However, our government people are busy looting and enjoying life while their country people are suffering and homeless. God's anger is kindled against so many people already.

Today, I had to type and print a letter for submission at Globacom Limited at Challenge and so, I went into the Students Union Building (S.U.B) in my school to get that done but my typist wasnt around so her neigbour offered to help. I could have typed it on my laptop but I usually dont carry my laptop to my faculty or anywhere. So, I used hers and when it was time for her to print it out, trouble started.

Her printer began to mis - print and malfunction and I noticed the woman was operating under tension. She had to photo copy another cstomer's material and another customer was yet present. She kept mumbling words and seemed frustrated. I was in a hurry and so, I charged her to be quick and she got vexed

      'The printer never book. Una wan kill me?!'

I felt bad and I felt the level of frustration she was bottling up. But then, she wanted to over charge me and I quickly refuted and she blurted out

      'You no wan give me the money. My children no go chop? You know wetin carry me here?'

I understood her now and I realized that she could burst into tears at any second and so I stopped talking and gave my papers to another guy to photocopy. Painfully, her printer wasnt working properly again and so she got angry and kept mumbling words. Behind her, some women were making jest of her that she didnt pay for the light she was using.

After everything, I gave her the exact money she asked and if I had more, I would have given her. I felt moved to talk to her so I said

      'Madam, I understand but take am easy. Everything go better'

She was so touched and her face looked like she was trying hard to fight some tears. She could only say

       'Thank you my sister'

So, it was time to go home and I boarded a bike down to my hostel from Bello Hall. Before then, the bike man had asked if I had change and I replied in the positive. When I finally got to my hostel, I realized that I didnt have change and the bike man started shouting over such a small matter

       'Shey I no ask you if you get change? Why you no go get change? Thats why I no wan dey carry people like you!'

I was perplexed and tried to calm him down but all to no avail. He was seriously ranting as if the matter was more than what was on ground. I realized he was elderly and the hot weather and no money and no fuel situation and perhaps, no food all wrapped together could make him very frustrated and rather than bottle up, it was the opportunity he had to say his mind. I simply laughed and he finally said

    'Abeg give me the one you have'

I handed him the money I had and went inside even though he was still ranting.

There are so many people suffering in our country and no one is trying to do anything. Why do you wanna be rich? For your own selfish purpose so as to ride the biggest cars and live in the greatest mansion and wear the cutest clothes or to touch lives? When you touch lives, even after your demise, you name will live on. Please help as many as you can even as our government sleeps on.

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