I once had a beautiful lady I used to look up to. She was a very fervent Christian with a good heart and I always took cognisance of every word she said. ‘Looking up to her’ indicates that I looked up to her for spiritual advice and the kind of life to pattern myself to. She once spoke to me about the use of attachment and her belief was the reason she was on low cut and this struck me. This became one of my reasons for going on low cut. However, to my greatest surprise, I recently saw her rocking the same attachment she taught me not to use as a Christian. When the mentors disappoint, we feel bad and weary.

Before, I used to be of the opinion that

     ‘Eh, if this person can be like this, then I am worse’

But then, I have come to realize that these so – called mentors are but humans. They are not our saviours and they don’t own our salvation even if they are the ones that led us to Christ. They were only used as vessels or tools to bring us to Christ. No one is above mistakes and I tell you that these mentors are even going through more problems than we are.

In my former church in school, I was a leader and I realized that so many people looked up to me for a perfect and stainless lifestyle. That was serious work. I had to never get angry, I had to speak well, pray for them and do the right thing. I had to always give the right advice and encouragement when me sef get my own problem. Chei, it wasn’t an easy sturv and then I realized that being a mentor or role model or pastor isn’t an easy thing.

In the midst of wanting to impress, they might just get tired and decide to be themselves. The lady I said spoke to me against the use of attachment might have secretly loved it but for the sake of our fellowship, she had no choice than to speak against it. Same goes for clothes and all. And now, she has decided to come out of her box and be herself which implies that she sef get problem and inasmuch as I used to look up to her, I have to pray for her also.

In our Christian walk, we don’t have to look up to pastors or that fervent Christian brother or sister as our mentor or role model. Even that guy that prays more than anyone...it might just be because na him get problem pass and it might not be. Instead, we should fix our gaze on Christ who is immortal...our perfect mentor and role model. Even when Jesus was on earth, He was human then. He knew He had to die on the cross. That was enough responsibility. But now, he is risen and is perfect for us. He will never disappoint.

Don’t decide to back out of Christianity just because that fervent sister Mary was caught fornicating or the fervent brother James who is a prayer warrior was caught stealing or the worded preacher harry was accused of lying. Don’t let that break your heart. It would break your heart if you make humans your god, your mentor. Make Christ your mentor. I tell you, He never disappoints. Create a relationship with Him and discover how sweet He could be.

One Hymn I would never forget which I always sang in primary school goes thus –

       ‘How sweet the name of Jesus sounds

        In a believer’s ear

        He soothes our sorrows, heals our wounds

        And drives away our tears’

So, who are you looking up to? JESUS!

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