Success is good. Riches and Wealth are all good but my question remains 'why do you want to be rich?'. The world is where it is today because of the purpose behind many people's wanting to be rich. The sky is wide enough for every bird to fly but not every bird will end up flying in the human context. Right now, the ratio of the rich and poor is so bad. The rich are so rich that the poor cannot even stand to compare themselves and the rich end up maltreating the poor or the average. Why do you really wanna be rich?

Acts 20 vs. 35 should be your only reason for wanting to be rich. What does it say?

    ' I have shown you in every way, by laboring like this, that you must support the weak. And remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.'

So why do you want to be rich?

  • To be powerful?
  • To selfishly take care of only you and your family?
  • To selfishly take care of yourself alone?
  • To acquire enough wealth so as to be famous?
 Why do you really want to be rich? Have you really thought about it? Well, you should aim to be rich so as to be able to help others by touching lives. Even after your demise, people will never forget you. Touching lives could be positive or negative. Now, I mean positively as shown in Acts 20 vs. 35. Let your life and riches stand out and never forget to help others, support others and bless others with your riches. You could
  • Pay kids school fees
  • Complete housing projects for people
  • Give to the poor and needy
  • Support entrepreneurs
  • Give to the church of God
  • Build homes for the homeless
  • Support positive projects
  • Buy clothes, cars etc for people who need them
  • Support the government in your country
Now it all depends on how rich you are. In any way, make sure you dont eat alone, die alone. Let people feel you and God would crown your efforts. Remember the case of tabitha. She gave so much that even when she died, people wept so much that the prophet had to raise her back to life (Acts 9 vs. 36 - 42). Are you already rich and people are wishing you were even dead because you are stingy? HABA! Let Acts 20 vs. 35 guide you!

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