Yesterday was one of my days...bad days! I didnt have the energy to post anything and so, I didnt bother. It was like my entire morning, afternoon and evening had been planned. From calling a friend with whom I had an appointment with but didnt pick it, to calling a friend who was owing me money who still didnt pick and I just started getting frustrated.

And then, one of my good friends called to give me an idea of what I could post on my blog but unfortunately, he called on a very bad day and I just went out to lash him on whatsapp. And so, I was getting so uptight and one of my friends came to play with me in my room but I kept on praying she leaves because I wasnt in the mood at all. And so, things were just compounding and I had to cry my heart to God.

I had nothing to eat because my money was with someone and he was yet to remit it and so, I ate a bread I left over from the previous night. To calm my nerves, I decided to watch a movie but my laptop battery went down too soon and I couldnt help but sleep. However, as I wanted to sleep, I remembered I had a class by 5pm but one of my course mates called me to tell that it was by 3pm instead. I absolutely didnt want to go but I went anyway.

The sun was scorching and I was supposed to trek under it like that but I met one of my cab drivers who carried me for free to my faculty due to the hot sun. The class was seriously boring and I slept off. One of my friends came over to borrow 3k from me and in my mind, I was like

      'Me sef I never chop nothing'

So, I declined and told her to wait till monday and our lecturer ended the class too soon because of the heat and we were all glad. So, I borrowed 100box from a friend to bike down to my hostel. God just loves me too much. He connected me to a good person in the faculty and the person I had been calling since that refused to pick finally called me back to apologize and promised to seal the deal the next day. I was elated!

I was grateful to God because I trusted Him and He didnt disappoint me. I had a renewed strength and went on to cook Jollof Rice for my hungry stomach around 9pm and I called my friend to apologize to him. My food was ready in a bit and it tasted yummy. I pushed it down with chilled water and finished watching the seaon film I was watching. I had a great night rest because I chose to trust in God even when things looked like it wasnt going to be alright.

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