Hi, my darlings!!!

I had a great day today o. Whether na because everybody just dey tell me say I over fine today...*winks* Besides, the picshure above is not the picshure of me today o. Its an old picshure before some of una abuse me finish

So, I met another EMB Reader today o in my faculty. He is one of my loyal readers and I am so grateful. I was excited to see him and we started talking and all. And so, he reminded me of one of my posts where I spoke about some exciting places in Ibadan. It was on 'My life in Ibadan - Epp 5'. So, we talked about it and he said we should go on a trip and I saw that as a fantastic idea!

So, we will be going on the trip together. Not just me and him but a host of other EMB readers. So if you are in Ibadan, start rejoicing because we go carry ourselves for excursion. I love when you guys tell me stuffs about the blog because the blog is nothing if you aren't reading it. I am so grateful!

And then, so many people have brought a serious complain to my notice. People are saying they cannot comment on the blog because GOOGLE dey ask dem to sign up or login to their Gmail Account and I understand that not everyone has a Gmail account. I am so sorry and I do apologize. Google wan spoil market. I will check out a solution and fix it but before then, please just create a Gmail account for my know I love you and would do anything for you all! By creating a Gmail account, you will be able to comment easily or better still, comment as anonymous...I don't mind.

So, how are we going to do the trip? Okay. Uhm, we are gonna be eleven (11). That means only ten (10) EMB readers in Ibadan can qualify. I am so sorry and I wish I could take you all but it wont be tenable. So, its 10 EMB readers to Agodi Gardens. So, how do you participate then? Its very simple!

1. You must be a loyal and consistent EMB Reader.

2. You must subscribe to Emete's Mind Blog. The widget is on the right hand side if you are using a laptop or down if you are using a mobile phone. Simply type in your email and click the subscribe button. Its that simple.

3. Share this post on your Facebook wall or your twitter or instagram or whichever social media account.

4. Email your name and phone number to

5. You are qualified already!

Now, this is gonna be a fun trip because we are going to get sponsors and we would be videoed throughout the trip. We would take pictures and have a nice time and there would be ITEM 7!...*winks* Also, there would be music and a lot of fun. Don't lemme over gist you jare.

And for other readers worldwide, I am so sorry you might not be able to participate for now but am coming to Lagos soon!!! My Lagos people, how market??? We too will go on our own trip soon...maybe to lekki beach or somewhere nice!

The date of the trip is not yet fixed so you can start sending in your name and phone numbers to . You will be called if you are qualified.

I cant wait to see you all!


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