The major reason why many Christians have problems leading and living the right Christian life is because they fail to adopt the political system of checks and balances in their christian life. I have been trying it lately and I tell you, it really does work for me. I can tell if I am still on the path of righteousness or am just walking in a circle, dressed in the deceit of righteousness. You also can adopt this system into your life.

Ephesians 2 vs. 8

 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:

We have to first and foremost realize that we were saved by grace through faith. We also have to realize that its not our good deeds that would gain us ticket into the kingdom of God. I think I would write a post on that to buttress more on it. We are enabled to live righteously by Christ. He gives us the strength to, the ability to, the willing to, the inkling to and the Holy Spirit supports us in every ramification.

However, while living rightly to please God, we tend to deviate and get distracted sometimes - many times we are aware of this and other times, its unintentional. The fact is whether we are aware or not, people are actually watching us. And like someone said, we should be careful of the kind of life we live because we might actually be the only Bible some people are reading. We should be careful not to disappoint. You unknowingly are a role model to some people as a christian.

I got to realize this some few months ago. I was with a friend and I felt burdened. I decided to divulge my burden to him and he started unleashing advice. However, at some point, he paused and said,

     'You are even the one that suppose to be telling me all these things sef'

Unknown to me, he was seeing me as a spiritual head whom he could run to for prayers and advice if he had any disturbing issue. One he could pattern his life like but I never knew this! So, he advising me seemed weird to him. It was like a church member giving their Pastor a spiritual advise. This was when I realized I needed to be careful with the way I live my life because many people are actually watching but they will pretend not to. They will instead go behind you and say,

    'And she calls herself a christian...and she goes to church...and she prays'

So, whats the checks and balances system about? Its all about putting a check to the kind of life you live and allowing others keep tabs on you and allowing God do the ultimate checking. How do you do this?

YOURSELF - You can put a check on yourself by constantly renewing your mind. After the close of the day, before you sleep, ruminate on how you spent your day if it was to the Glory of God. Did you walk according to His will? Where you a light unto others? Did you win any soul? Did you get overly angry? Did you commit any sin? You can also use the word of God as a mirror. By adapting this style, you will able to closely monitor your progress in your walk with God. How much did you pray during the day? How well?

OTHERS - Some people are of the idea that what others think about you doesn't matter. Well, I am here to shock you. To a great extent, it matters but not totally. We are smart Christians and should be able to decipher the right from the wrong counsel, compliment and comment. What do other Christians think about you? Do they think you are backsliding? Do they think you are beginning to walk in the midst of the ungodly? I can remember when my christian friend told me I was always wearing short dresses. Short dresses were mostly what I had in my wardrobe and I had to begin a wardrobe change. I wouldn't have felt bad about it if she hadn't told me. You could ask others. There is no harm in that. There is an Ibo adage that my Ibo corper when I was in secondary school used to say. It goes thus

     'He that asks questions never gets missing'

GOD - Let God do the ultimate checking. You can allow Him do this by constantly reading His word. This should be your ultimate mirror and guide. By allowing Him speak to you and direct you and control you.

By adopting the checks and balances system into your life, you will be surprised at how far you will go and grow!

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