Being a Christian is a very beautiful thing. For me, the knowledge that I have Christ gives me the greatest joy coupled with an outstanding feeling. However, there are times I loose track and indulgde in some selfishness called SIN. God has said He would not tempt us beyond what  we can overcome and take care of. Some thing happened to me some weeks ago. I yielded to a certain temptation and the outcome was very BAD...LIKE REALLY REALLY BAD. And then, things began to work wrongly and I was just so disappointed. But one thing kept coming to my mind and it is the scripture that says,

Ecclesiastes 10 vs. 8

   'He that breaketh the hedge, the serpent will bite'

 Now as christians, we dont get to hear this often and even many churches fail to warn us. But I have to tell us that the scripture above is more powerful than we think.
When I sinned, I first felt condemned. Actually, thats what many of us feel. I was totally disappointed in myself and I felt God was disappointed in me. Like I was keeping track that I was going to stay sinless for as long as I live. So sinnning now was a major disappointment for me. I felt I had reached a level where God might not forgive me and Grace may not abound again. Little did I know that the devil was only trying to play with my mind.

While whallowing in disappointment, I suddenly came to realize that the thoughts of condemnation and disappointment was obviously not from God. I know God wasnt happy when I indulged in it but He's definitely not giving up on me. Jesus told a certain parable to His disciples on how He would leave 99 sheeps in chase of one lost sheep. Thats how much and how deep the father loves us no matter what we do.

Realizing this, I rebuked the devil and Glory to God, he fleed from my mind. I began to affirm that God's not disappointed in me. God has forgiven me. God still loves me! I realized that many christians are always set in this trap of self - condemnation. No matter how bad your sin is, God will never condemn you. Its the devil who brings the thoughts of condemnation. As long as you totally repent and ask for God's forgiveness, He will never condemn you.

But later on, things started mis - calculating. The worst that happened was when I fell sick. Lord Jesus, I hadnt fallen sick for a long time. I was practising divine healing and sharing testimonies...how could this happen? I was so sick that I couldnt talk...obviously, I couldnt blog. I prayed to God for healing but it was like I was blowing the wind. Yet, the scripture that kept coming to my mind was 'He that breaketh the hedge...'

For real, I had broken the hedge and the serpent was doing justice. Not until I cried out to God, did He restore me. Another Chrsitian would have concluded that God was using all that to deal with him and perhaps, God hadnt forgiven him. The devil will so toy with the fellow's mind that the person will start getting judgemental and conclusive about God. Thats why there are so many atheists. They have forgotten that God is very principled and to every sin there is a repercussion.

As christians, we have to be VERY careful. The devil is less concerned about the people of the world because they are his already. He is more concerned about the christians for a very evil purpose. He is the serpent waiting at the hedge to bite anyone who breaks the hedge, the covering which God has placed his kids. Don't toy with God's covering. The surest way to break the hedge is by indulging in sin, the devil will be happier than you can imagine.

If you sin, have it at the back of your mind that God will forgive you if you come with godly sorrow, soberness and confess and repent. However, that doesnt stop the repercussion from dawning. Just like a father will forgive a child from disobedience but that wont stop him from whipping his child. And when you face the repercussion dont think God hates you. He's not happy about it but if you will patiently and continously cry for His help, He will restore you and defeat the devil for your sake and concerning you.


Lord Jesus, please restore every broken hedge in our lives in Jesus Name

Lord, rebuke the devourer for our sakes in Jesus Name

Please help me to stay absolutely away from sin

Lord help me to forgive myself and stay away from self condemnation in Jesus Name we have prayed. AMEN! 

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Unknown said...

Great insight and understanding...thank you dear sister for the good work that you do for Christ.