If you have ever experienced hold - up at Lagos - Ibadan Expressway, you will know that its something NEVER to pray for. I and my family are always involved in this hold - up. I can remember vivdly when I was younger. My dad would always get into the hold up and sharperly try navigating his way through with other bus drivers so we dont sleep in the traffic. Still, we will always spend almost 5 hours there. But Glory to God, we have 'smartened' up and we no longer experience such as we always get off the road before the hold - up commences. Let me tell you the secret for those that will be attending today's Holy Ghost service ...*winks*

  1. If you are priviledged to get a parking space, park at Car Park F or Car Park A only. These are escape routes so you dont hit traffic.
  2. Behind Car Park F is a place where bus drivers park. Find your way there. Most car drivers havent discovered that place. You can almost never meet hold - up if you park there.
  3. If these Car parks are filled by the time you arrive at camp (thats why you should arrive early...#tongue out), park wherever the RV members direct you to park
  4. Make sure you park close to the entrance or exit. This way, you will be one of the first to leave.
  5. Many people leave immediately after Daddy G.O finishes preaching and the offering is taken. Well, because my dad hates hold - up, we leave at that period and listen to the testimonies on the radio as we zoom off. We do this so as to beat traffic.
  6. Make sure you are a smart driver but then, dont be a heartless driver. Its common for people to be selfish when driving. I know you dont wanna meet hold up. However, allow your neigbour enter the lane. Dont be selfish and dont curse or abuse other driver...haba! You no fear God?
  7. Rather than following the entrance road, follow that rough road through Car Park F that leads to one of the last entrance to the camp. You hardly meet hold up there
  8. Also, you can follow Car Park A road and you will hardly meet traffic there because thats one of the first entrance there
  9. When you hit the express, tighten your belt and zoom off because by being sluggish, you wont expect it when you suddenly see a line of unmoving don enter hold up niyen oooo.
  10. Most importantly, be co - ordinated. Once my dad tells us 'Everyone must be by the car when its 11pm' and some of us arent there, he can almost vex because that means hold up and he hates it because sometimes, he might feel sleepy. So tell all the people that will follow you to be by the car at the stipulated time
  11. Also, check where you park. There are always two lanes. No go park for where one car will block you at the front and back. God, this thing can pain pesin because you dont even know where to be looking for the car owner amongst a crowd over 1 million people
  12. If you cant take all these, wait till the end of the programme, if you lodged in a challet or hotel or if you have a house in camp, go back in and sleep and wait till its morning around 10 or 11am when the hold up could have died down completely (if you are lucky ni o because I can remember one time the hold up almost enter two days) and then, go home.
So this is me wishing all of us safe journey to and fro. Always know that God has already gone before us, He is behind us, in front of us, inside us, beside us and with us even as we drive. Happy Navigating!

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