Last year, I went to visit one of my friends in his faculty. On getting there, he was accompanied by another friend of his. This friend was very warm and jovial and really playful. However, he said to me,

          ‘I like your lips. They are kissable’

Uhm, I don’t know if that’s a compliment but I didn’t find it funny. I was quite embarrassed. Weeks later, there was a program organized in one of the fellowships on campus and I attended. When the program ended, we were organized on how we were going to leave the auditorium because we were seriously populated. As I was leaving, I saw this same guy. He was one of the protocols!
Unfortunately, I couldn’t recognize his face but I knew I had seen his face somewhere before. So I kept starring at him and he too starred back and I finally asked.

      ‘Where do I know you from?’

He replied,

       ‘I don’t know’

Well, its possible that he couldn’t also place my face at that time and there is a greater possibility that he was embarrassed to see the girl he tried to flirt with in church. Now, I know there is a space gap between the time he tried to flirt and the time I met him in church. He might have given his life to Christ during that period but if not, there is a cause for alarm.

There are more hypocrites in church than sincere people in Church. I hear some ladies say,

      ‘Well, I wear trousers just that I don’t wear it to church’

If trousers were good in itself, why can’t you wear it to church? You might say,
       ‘Well, because God’s presence is in the church’

But don’t forget God is everywhere. So, His presence is not limited to a particular place or building. Hypocrisy was one of the things Jesus accused the Pharisees of. They were totally hypocritical and there are many people who behave like the Pharisees today. When they are within the walls of the church, they emit a soft and gentle personality but outside church, they are totally different people. They are angels in church but wild outside church. This is applicable to pastors as well and this makes it very hard for people to determine the real children of God from those who are pretending.

Nowadays, churches appoint anyone into spiritual posts. They focus on how people work in church, how early they arrive to church, the heavy money they give in church, how they are always fast to heed to the pastor’s call and how they are always available when needed without knowing that these are just hypocritical behaviours. In appointing anyone for any position in Church, the Holy Spirit should be invited to take control because people are not really who they seem to be. People pretend a lot.

And that’s why Jesus said He will separate the weeds from his children, the wolf in sheep’s clothing from the true sheep. Jesus hates and detests hypocrisy and He is ready to expose them. If you have been hypocritical, its time to stop. Reveal your true self so that the Church can know how to pray for you. Hypocrites have no place in the kingdom of God.


Lord Jesus, help me to be true to myself. Help me not to walk under the umbrella of hypocrisy

Lord, any behaviour I possess that would hinder me from entering your kingdom, please take it away from me in Jesus Name. AMEN!

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