I have a friend who is a worker in a church but detests the idea of praying. Anytime we are told to pray, she would begin to grumble and murmur because she always see it as quite boring and stressful and tiring. I used to be like that for a very long time but I used to pretend to enjoy every bit of prayer so that I am not looked at as a sinner or a backslider. And I used to wonder how people will always go to pray and pray for a very long time. However, I have come to discover something about praying.
Praying is a process. You dont just begin to pray so hard in one day. It is a process. You have to want to pray. Nothing will prompt you to pray if you dont have the desire to pray. You have to be hungry and thirsty for prayers. You have to make deliberate efforts to pray. Some people are of the misconception that immediately you get born again, something takes over you and you begin to pray so hard. Well when you get born again or when you are rooted in Christ, you have the Holy Spirit who will help you facilitate your prayers. But He wont carry you from your lazy room to your prayer room.

Praying is a very important aspect of the christian life that we must never discard. If your prayer life is dead, no one needs to announce to you that automatically, your spiritual life will be dead because prayer is like a fuel. Without fuel, you cannot power the generator. If you live in Nigeria and you dont have fuel, you know frustrating life could become overnight. Fuel is that important just as prayers are very important to the Christian.

Now, the reason why people have difficulty praying is because they do not understand the concept of praying. Christianity is so unique and different from other religions. It is not a cage. It is such a beautiful priviledge because you serve a living God whom you can communicate with at any time of the day! He's never tired or sleepy. In fact, he's always glad whenever you come into His presence. How glad would you have been if everyone could have direct access to the president of your country? They could just walk into the presidential villa anytime they want, have a chat, laugh, talk, gist with the president with no restrictions. How amazeballs would that be? Thats the same connection and priviledge we have with God but many people dont know this!

This is why praying becomes tiring and boring because they have not understood and secured a relationship with God. Some people dont even see God as their father. They are so scared of God and they see Him as very far from them. I can assume that those people do not have the Holy Spirit within them or even if they have, they have made Him non - functional. God is not far from us. God lives in us! God is with us! Nothing is more beautiful than having this realization at heart!

Create a functional relationship with God and it would be so sweet when you pray that you will find it hard to leave His presence.

How then do you make praying your lifestyle?

  1. Firstly be genuinely born again
  2. Make sure to be baptised in the Holy Spirit
  3. Create a relationship with God. This will make praying enjoyable and sweet
  4. Empty yourself for God to fill you
  5. Make deliberate efforts to pray
  6. Give God the chance to help you and heed to His calling
  7. Be sensitive to the Spirit of God. He will reveal things to you when you pray. He may give you a song too
  8. Pray always
  9. Pray and Keep Praying and soon, it would be hard to live without praying.
  10. Pray anywhere and at all times,

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