I read something on whatsapp the other day and it was a broadcast message someone sent to our group page. The message was centred upon how Christianity is slowly being wiped out from the world. The truth of the matter is Christianity can never and will never be totally wiped out from the world no matter how hard the enemies try but it can be totally reduced to a point of legality of non – practice which is where things are pointed to at the moment.

So, I just sit and wonder what Christians are doing to avert this. How much we are praying. How much we are fasting. How much we are interceding. What are we actually doing? Then, I realized the trick of the devil just today. Do you want to know the trick the devil is playing? Well, I will tell you.

Now, Christians are very much aware of how the enemy is trying to bring an end to Christianity and make it weaker. However, our focus has been shifted and our priorities have been misplaced. We are no longer looking and focusing on what should be top on our list of priorities instead we are being distracted by things that shouldn’t distract us in the first place if we have been reading our Bibles and practising it closely.

Looking at the world today, the main issue of focus today is feminism. I have actually fallen victim of this. Rather than doing other things, we are busy clamouring for equality between men and women when the Bible is very clear about it. The devil has also worked on terrorism and rather than looking at terrorism as one of the means of wiping out Christians enmasse so that Christianity can be a forgotten religion, we are busy focusing on how to end it so we can save our lives.

Luke 9 vs. 24

 For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it.

Now, let me be clear about what I just said so that I am not misunderstood. Terrorism is a big threat to humanity. If you dig deep, the major reason for its inception or maybe, continuity is to bring an end to Christianity and weaken the faith. We should be worried about terrorism because –

a.    By mass killing, so many unsaved souls will be lost and you don’t need anyone to tell you their destination
b.   This might also bring an end to the lives of many Christians which could weaken christianity. This is because other religions see Christianity as a grave threat.
These should be the main reasons. To be frank, till Jesus comes, terrorism might never be end. All these things have been predicted in the Bible that they will happen. So we don’t need to be surprised when they happen. We should rather be anxious and worried for souls and what should be on our mind is how to win more souls because tomorrow might be too late.

Have we misplaced our priority? We sure have. Can we still make it top on our list? We sure can. We shouldn’t be distracted by trending topics about the latest celebrity song or event or issues that would land us nowhere. We shouldn’t drift our focus. Let us fight the good fight of faith just like Apostle Paul no matter what may come our way.

2Timothy 4 vs. 7

 I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:

And like Pastor Adeboye said in one of his books that I started reading recently, we shouldn’t just fight for the fun of it. We should fight to win because we are more than conquerors.


Lord Jesus, we pray that you will give us the right focus at all times

We come against every form of distraction in Jesus Name

We pray that you will give us the Grace and courage to win souls daily into your kingdom

We pray that you will help us fight the good fight of faith

In you Lord, we are more than conquerors in Jesus Name we have prayed. AMEN

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