Preaching in a commercial bus is not as easy as it seems. It involves a whole lot of courage and confidence. I often applaude those who have the confidence to do so and just when I had an encounter with one recently, I began thinking perhaps I should try it some day.
So the man started preaching immediately the bus started. A guy sitted in front was making a phone call and seemed indifferent about what was happening. Then a woman sitted beside me picked a call and started talking out loud on the phone as if she didnt want the man to continue his transvengelism. When I asked the woman why she spoke so loud on phone, she replied

    'Ahan, shey I should not talk on phone again?'

Oops! I shouldnt have asked in the first place. I kept looking back at the man at intervals. And then, the bus conductor started his own. He started shouting to the driver to give him change and the driver would shout his own back and everything just seemed disorganized. At some point, the preacher paused briefly but continued.

To be frank, the atmosphere wasnt conducive for what he was doing but I applaude him absolutely for what he did. However, he said something that made me think. He said

     'It doesnt matter if you are a cultist or a muderer or a witch. I wont tell you to change because you cannot change by your own power. All I need you to do is to give your life to Christ and He will do the changing. I want you to say after me "Lord Jesus..." If you said that prayer, I want to congratulate you because you are now a child of God...'

Okay... That was awesome but I want to ask. Is that how people get born again? I thought to myself - If any sinner had said that prayer at that time, does that qualify him as a born again? I believe in one thing - If such person was genuinely repentant and sober and said those words with a genuine heart, then such person is a born again. But like he said, it musnt stop at that. The person has to make deliberate efforts to walk in Christ and not in his sins anymore.

One of my friends was gisting me a very long time ago on how she always run out to re - dedicate her life to Christ any time an altar call is made and I just wonder - na everytime you dey re - dedicate? I feel the problem has to do with the initial born again session. Was the person truly repentant? Was the person truly sorry for his or her sins? Did the person even understand what was being done? Did the person truly accept Jesus as Lord and saviour? And did the person decide never to go back to their sins? If all these werent done, then the person just made those powerful words empty in their lives.

I dont have a problem with bus preaching. I would totally appreciate if anyone who would do that make the people aware of what they are about doing and what it means to be born again and making sure they dont go back to their sins. I would do the bus preaching soon. Am sure God would give me the courage but I would first start with praying in the

Like Lecrae said, when he gave his life to Christ, he thought he would be done with temptations and sins but no, its not the end. The only difference is that being in Christ gives you a person to run to when trials and tribulations and temptations come and the power to overcome them!


Lord, bless every christian who has made efforts to preach the Gospel in the bus and environs.

And for those who want to do so, please give us the courage and confidence like you gave Peter in Jesus Name. AMEN!

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