My first encounter with prostitutes was on Nollywood and prostitutes where often portrated as normal girls or had to join due to situational problems such as inability to pay school fees or wanting to pay the bills of a dying pa or a dying mom or wanting to survive for a living and the story always ended with a rich guy picking them up, discovering them, falling in love with them, hearing out their story and then, they get married and live happily ever after. Thats what nollywood told me about prostitutes.

However, while I was doing my Cambridge Course, one of my roommates who stays in Port Harcourt narrated her father's experience with PH prostitutes and how demeaning it was. To me, God saved her dad from being raped that day. I have tried to believe what Nollywood has installed and instilled in my senses concerning this evil called prostitution not until I had an encounter with Lagos prostitutes.

The first time I met them was at Ikeja. I had just gotten admission to do Cambridge A'Level at Funaab Mini Campus. So, My mom took my happy self to Ikeja to do some shopping since I would be there for the next 10 months. That was the first time in my entire life I ever stayed away from home. We got to ikeja in the afternoon and those who know ikeja know how boxed up that place can be especially the market side. We struggled our way in amongst the struggling crowd.

We started shopping, got clothes and all and before we knew it, the sky started getting darker before our own eye. Whoop! The only thing left was for me to get some new bra (as a new sisi) and then, some pots and stove. We went on the look for this and finally saw a bra stall and bought some bras and then, saw a stove shop. The owner told us to wait that she wanted to go get 'original' stove for us. So, we sat down in her shop.

During our wait, I began to see some girls - some where far younger than me, some my age mates and some where older than me. Some walked hand in hand like sisters. ALL of them were dressed VERY skimpily in very revealing clothes. I couldnt almost believe my eyes. They were talking and laughing and walked towards the road side and stood there. They were talking and many of them had their pants almost revealing. That was when I knew they were prostitutes. The woman finally brought the stove. After much negotiation, we paid and left.

We entered a bus to berger and while we were waiting in the bus for passenger to come, the prostitutes came out en masse and I began to get really scared. The astonishing thing is that many of them were children! I mean 16 years, 14 years and perhpas, 12 years! What were their parents doing? Some looked like sisters. Or did their parents send them out to do it and fetch money? Too many thoughts ran in my head. Assuredly, they must be awaiting some jeep to pass and carry them off for a good time. But which man in his right senses would carry a 14 year old kid off for a good time? Oh, well nollywood also taught me that they actually use some for some ritual stuff to make I get.

After a few years, I was in Ikeja again and that was early this year - January time. I hardly visit Ikeja at night. Its always day time but this time, something urgent came up and as I expected, I saw some old prostitutes. I thought prostitutes used to be slim, beautiful desperate girls but Lagos prostitutes have no chill. These ones were very fat with overly big bellies, chewing gum. About 5 stood by a wall, discussing. Another one was just walking by, her big breasts were almost popping out. I had to turn to look till she was out of sight. I couldnt believe my eyes.

The latest one was on sunday. Visited Duro Soleye Hospital at Allen Avenue, Ikeja with my parents. This time, the prostitute was just beside the hospital. A doc should please inject this lady. She wore a very short gown, one shooky hair, was chewing gum and to my disappointment, had a large belly. We stayed in the hospital for a while and when we came out, she was still there - no oga boss had stopped to pick her. My dad drove out and God knows I could have gone to interview her if I wasnt with my parents.

So, I just sit and wonder what could be the cause of young and old people getting themselves involved in prostitution that could endanger their lives. At the end, many of them get addicted and even after getting what they want, they cant stop having sex. Its time we pray for these our sisters. We have many upgraded prostitutes. We have them in universities, them plenty ehn...just that they dont stand on the road. Their own is coded. We have them all around. We cant judge them because its only the owner of the shoe that knows where it pinches.

Perhaps, they needed money or help so badly and that was the only way out. One of the pastors in my fellowship told us the story of a girl who had to sleep around just to get money for her school fees and even feeding money. And those helpless teenagers, it might be money to eat or go to school. And we have heard of stories whereby its even the parents that encourage such.

Also, we shouldn't push away the fact that many of them aren't normal. If you don't believe that there exist the spirit world like Nollywood portrays, you have to believe it because I have had a personal encounter with a I don't need any prophet to tell me that they exist. These ladies could have been sent out to destroy souls and many of them could possibly be on revenge missions after a heart break while some of them could be STD carriers such as HIV and feel the best is to transmit it.


Lord Jesus, we thank you for the lives of these ladies and how you have still kept them alive. All Glory be unto your Holy Name

Father, we pray earnestly that you will save their soul from the destruction of hell on earth and in eternity

Father, we pray that you will bring them out from whatever shackles they are in, whatever spiritual bondage they might be in, whatever sexual bondage they might be in, you will loose them O Lord

Jesus, truncate and terminate the plans of those who have been sent out to destroy the souls of men

Father, please provide for them. Meet all of their needs so they dont have to run to the devil for help

And Lord, please restore them. Restore EVERYTHING they have lost. Restore their broken hearts. Whatever exchange might have been made, Lord restore. The God of second chance, please restore

And daddy, please make them new creatures and use them for your Glory. In Jesus Name we have prayed. AMEN!

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