Some people can be very funny sha. I had a very funny experience with a man who came to sell drugs in the bus i boarded. It was so funny and people couldnt help but burst into laughter. I know we all need money in this economy and country but forcing your thing on people is just not too good. I posted something on twitter lately -

   'Our present world is filled with youths who hit success out of chance or luck rather than passion or attempt'      - Emete Smart 2016

So, I entered the bus with my mom and YES, I love going out with my parents. not a baby but I think they just like me going around with them.

So, I and my mom sat in the bus jejely o. Thats how the man began or let me say 'continued' from what he was saying initially

     'My people, una know say the economy no too strong and he dey do us somehow. I know say some madam wey dey here no dey happy with wetin dey happen for their house. Oga go come home and he go drink and hin thing go come shrink and he no go sabi do  am again. Some of una know say oga go still drink one packet of beer tonight. But I guess better news for una. This drug wey I carry na the solution. Buy am and give oga to drink. His thing go come out well well'

Ahan, ok o. Thats how nobody answered. We were sha looking forward. People like me managed to look at him and I just kept reminiscing and laughing at the same time. All these people will come and say their products are made in india or china or wherever and sell and gain money but the funny thing is that many or even most of them are fake. Just in a bid to make some cheddah and keep their heart beating. This is quite sad.

Seeing that nobody gave him face, he flared up.

    'See this people o! I don dey talk since morning and una no even talk anything. I dey talk rubbish? How person go dey talk and he no go hear reply? I dey talk wetin go help una life but una no reply. Which kind thing be this? For other bus dem go dey beg me to bring am and I go dey sell for them but una for this bus no talk. You deaf or you dumb? Una no fit talk? This one na bad bus o abi which kind thing be this? I don dey talk since morning una just dey look me'

Hehehe...the man kept ranting out of anger and people started laughing and hissing. One guy at the back said

    'You want make we talk. You wan give us free?'

The man just continued shouting and sweating under the hot sun. I asked my mom what was making him shout. Rhetorical question, I know... Well, when no one answered...ok, one woman said something but she didnt buy. The man finally left. Bad market for him.

That same day, I saw one poster on the bus window that was directing people to get spiritual powers from a spiritual man from any problem, either barreness or wanting people to obey you or wanting to pass exams or wanting to get a husband. Its popular in buses and those ones are often indian ish. I wonder what these people are getting from all these. Please and please, dont get involved in all these satanic rubbish.

Proverbs 10 vs. 22

 22 The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.

Thats the message and thats what God needs you to know. Seek God and He alone will show you the right way and right path to tread so you dont struggle in vain. May God help us all. AMEN!

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