I am a serious game lover...in fact, when I was doing Cambridge, I was voted as the best games player so don’t try to compete...lol. Anyway, with the advent of more and more games, I have come to love the popular Temple Run Game. There are two common Temple run game. The first is the one by Imangi Studios and the second is by Disney studios. I used to love the Imangi Temple run but I think I now prefer the Disney Temple run. It seems more real and more fun and much easier to play but hey, I hate the fact that it takes time for the scores to multiply except when you get a score multiplier and that coin leveller...whenever its filled up, I bought the Finley’s boost...and uhm, I double click and activate the Finley’s boost, the coin leveller doesn’t even allow me enjoy it...like the Finley disappears too soon and I kept on lamenting about it today.

Anyway, enough about the game. So what did I learn while playing the game?


 While I was playing it yesterday evening, the running guy almost hit the wall and I silently said 

                 ‘Thank ...’

         Actually, I wanted to say ‘Thank God’ because I thought the guy didn’t hit the wall but when he hit the wall, I didn’t say it any longer. I started complaining because that indicates the end of the game or I will have to sacrifice two diamonds to get back on track.

So while I continued, it occurred to me that this happens to us as Christians. We get to thank God when things are going smoothly and fine but when things turn upside down, we began to murmur. I quickly thanked God. Even though it’s a game, its applicable to us as Christians. We should learn to thank God in EVERY situation. I won’t lie to you, it would almost be very difficult but it pays and that’s the one that moves God to do something.


So I was playing it again this afternoon. I was out of data and home alone and I was done studying my Bible, so I picked up my phone and started the game. Luckily for me, I saved up to 13,000 coins the night before. So, I went shopping at the store...lol. I surveyed the available items and I bought some stumble proof boots and some other items. When I was satisfied, I began the game. I activated the stumble proof boot. Now, two things happened.


First of all, there are some intimidating flowers that usually shoot out whenever the guy is running. If you step on them, those ugly flying creatures would become visible and any mistake, the guy will be caught and its game over. So what the stumble proof boot does is to enable you step on those flowers without falling which makes the game easier because you don’t have to be jumping every now and then.

However, I noticed that even with the stumble proof boot activated, that didn’t stop the flowers from shooting out with an intimidating aura and the hissing of a snake. But even if it does this, it is useless because the guy is wearing the stumble proof boot. Yet, the flower was intimidating and many times, I would make the guy jump over it even when I know the flower would do nothing and other times, I forgot that the guy was even wearing a stumble proof boot and he kept jumping over and over it.

For a novice who is just playing the game for the first time, he would also keep jumping over it even when the guy is wearing a stumble proof boot. Why? This is because he is not aware of what he has (the stumble proof boot) and that the flower is but useless as long as the guy is wearing the stumble proof boot.

This applies to a Christian. The bible says the devil goes around LIKE a roaring lion (1Peter 5 vs. 8). Notice the use of the similey ‘LIKE’. The devil is not a lion. There is only one lion and that is the Lion of the tribe of Judah. His name is JESUS. And we are sons of God. So if our father is a Lion, assuredly, we are Lions too. So the devil is not a lion. He only pretends to be one so he can intimidate the Christian who has lost his identity.

Every true and genuine Christian has a stumble proof boot. We have the armour of God, the breastplate of righteousness, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit. So, the devil cannot do anything. He is very useless to us. But for a Christian, who doesn’t know this, he will be intimidated by the devil and such a person will easily fall prey. Have you ever seen a lion that is afraid? It is impossible. That’s why the lion is the king of the jungle. As a Christian, we are lions and we can trample on the devil. He cannot do us anything. One thing the devil can input in the mind of a Christian is fear. Rebuke the devil and he will flee. Know who you are as a Christian so that the devil won’t deal with you. Today, know that you are a lion. The devil isn’t a lion. JESUS is the only one true LION.


This lesson is quite funny because this is actually the concept of the game but we can take a lesson from it. Now, the main actor in the game is the running boy. If you notice, he keeps running and running till he gets caught and its game over. Whenever you start the game again, he starts another race journey. The game makes provision for tools such as stumble proof, Finley boost, shield, magnet and a host of others but this is just to ease the race journey of the runaway boy. It doesn’t stop him from running.

However, if he mistakenly stumbles on a flower or hits a fallen tree or wall, the flying beast feasts on him or if he doesn’t slide when a flying beast is approaching from the sky, he is taken away and obviously, its game over. Have you ever wondered why he has never stood up for himself? Why hasn’t he used the Finley boost to fly away completely from that area to somewhere better? Well, there is no provision for protection by the game creators and so he is bound, limited and doomed to the whimsy woods and dark forest and that other place.


Thank God we are not like the runaway boy in Temple run. The creators of the game didn’t make any provision for his defence. So he can never think of facing the beasts and defeating them so he can stop running. But our Creator has made provision for our defence...GLORY TO GOD! But still, there are still so many runaway Christians who keep running and might run till they run into their graves. They are so scared of the devil, so scared of problems, so scared of possessed ordinary human being called witches and wizards, so fearful, they feel so defeated and they are not exercising the power God has given us to overcome.

Jesus has defeated the world. We are more than conquerors. Even death itself has been defeated. The devil has been defeated. So why are you scared? Why do you keep running away? When you see trouble, why do you flee? Are you the devil? So why are you on your toes? Why are you fleeing? Troubles should flee when they see you! Demons should flee when they see you! Demons even knew Jesus...they said Jesus, I know. Can a demon say they know you or you are running? Death should flee when it sees you! Sickness should flee when it sees you! Witches and wizards should flee when they see you! Be a terror to the kingdom of darkness.

The only thing that can make you afraid is when you are sinning. You will be engrafted with fear. You can only be a terror to the kingdom of darkness if you are living holy, free from sin and with a consecrated mind. If you continuously read the word of God and spend quality time in the presence of God praying and worshipping the creator. When you come out, your eyes will be fire for the enemies to look at just like that of Moses when he came down from Mount Sinai or horeb. If you know you are still fleeing, check yourself today and return back to the creator!

The only person you should fear is JEHOVAH!


Lord Jesus, please help me give thanks to you always and in every situation

Please help me discover my identity in Jesus Name

Lord, make me a terror to the kingdom of darkness and let them flee from me from now on in Jesus Name. AMEN!

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