There are programmes and there are programmes. There are services and there are services. THIS is a program and a service. If you must miss any program today, DON'T miss this program and service that would be holding at 46, Lagos - Ibadan Expressway at the Redemption Camp.

If you have been following closely, 2016 has been a different kind of year even for the Redeemed Christian Church of God and our General Overseer, Pastor E.A Adeboye. This year has been serious business. No time to play games with God. Its either you are in or out. In January, the theme of the Holy Ghost Service was 'NO MORE LOSSES' In february, the theme was 'ARRESTING THE ARRESTER'. Everyone that was present saw God from another dimension. Febuary Holy Ghost service is one that nobody should have missed. You can however get the tapes in camp.

In March, the theme was 'THE WINNING SIDE'. In April, the theme was 'LITTLE LIGHTS' and now in May, the Glorious theme is 'VICTORIOUS GRACE'. It keeps getting better and better and more glorious even as we move from Glory to Glory. Please dont miss this programme for anything. Me sef, I will soon be at camp any moment from now. I cannot afford to miss it.

Go with an expectation. There are different kinds of Grace. Different levels of Grace but there is one called the 'VICTORIOUS GRACE'. If you know God will give you that kind of Grace, dont miss this service. Come prepared with your writing materials and your Bible. Come with your dancing shoes because we are going to dance because Christ has given us victory.

However, if you are far away, there is still hope. You cam watch it on TV. I think its always aired on LTV. LTV is on DSTV and also, DOVE TV which is RCCG station. DOVE TV is on DSTV too and HITV. You can also watch it online and even listen to it on radio. No matter where you are in the world, you can watch it online. Just Google the website.

You can also pay your offering online on RCCG website so its almost like you are here with us. But if you are in Nigeria and you live in Lagos, Ibadan, Abeokuta, Ife, you have no excuse not to be at the redemption camp instead of crossing your legs and watching it on TV. Daddy Adeboye said the reason why its on TV, on the Internet and on radio is for those who are very far away. If you are not, make sure you are here!

Buses are always at berger side in Lagos. You will hear something like

       'Wawa, Arepo, Mfm, Redeem Camp, Ibafo wole!!!! Enter with your change o'

They are here for you. Some nice people offer lifts but be careful. Some are not what they seem. The programme startes by 6pm with a Glorious Praise and worship. So, you still have time!

Also, redemption camp is not a place to be moving all around. You just see some people moving up and down from the beginning to the end of the program..kilode? There are time wasters. Come with a purpose. Eat before coming. If not, there are lovely restaurants in camp, you can eat when you arrive. Its not when service begins that you will start rushing to eat.

Watch where you sit. There are some really funny people who just came to gist and laugh and make noise and distract. Look for a place where you will be comfortable to concentrate and listen to the word of God.

So start coming o so that you dont encounter serious hold - up on Lagos - Ibadan expressway. Come with your friends. Come and be blessed! SEE YOU THERE!

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