The rate at which people keep divorcing is very much alarming and this is totally against the plan of God on how marriage should be like and how the family should be set up. One comes to wonder if these people divorcing actually set out time to realize the problems in their marriage and mete out solutions to them or they were just too impatient and fed up to go through any of that long process. So, they decided to call it quits. God is obviously not happy with the exponential rate of divorce in the world today. Below are a few reasons why your marriage isnt working. It would be wise to think upon these reasons, pray about them and seek solutions to them so your marriage doesnt hit the rock no matter the turbulence it might be facing.

Jealousy is always a great struggle in marriage and it is a red flag and an indication that there is lack of trust. However, there might be a little trust but you just feel insecure and threatened whenever your spouse is with the opposite sex. This is very wrong and you should stop it. Pray against the spirit of Jealousy because it could break your marriage. Jealousy also comes in form of success and achievement. Some men are often threatened when their wife starts earning more than them or doing better than them.

Genesis 2 vs. 24

 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

Your body parts can never be jealous of one another because they are one. They are one because they are one flesh. You and your spouse are one flesh and there should be no room for jealousy.


Many people are guilty of imposition. They dont know how to let their views go under the carpet. They always feel they are right and want others to accept their own views. They always want to impose their views on others and this can break marriages. You hear a man saying 

    'I am the man of the house and my saying is final!'

As the man of the house, you can always over rule but not without listening to your wife and weighing her views on a balance scale. A problem arises when the woman in the house is also strong headed and wont allow her own views to pass too. There would be collison and arguments would spring up.

James 1 vs. 19

 Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath:

Always allow your spouse air their views and always take it into consideration before making a decision because as a couple, whatever decision either of you make will affect you both. So, dont be one - sided.


This is one big reason for many marriage failure. It is a big problem for couples not to understand themselves. Misunderstanding is inevitable because you both come from different backgrounds. You were brought up in a different way and environment so there is bound to be misunderstanding. With this knowledge, you should be able to communicate and let the other fellow understand your likes and dislikes and vice versa. At the end of the communication, there should be a meeting point of agreement so you dont have to fight over little mis understandings.


Marriage comes with a whole lot of sacrifice because you have to satisfy the other person and most times at the expense of your own happiness. As a woman, your husband might like a particular food that you dont know how to cook. It is wise of you to go learn it. I once had a friend who said if her husband likes a food she cant cook, its at his own expense because she wont learn it. She said he too should go and learn it and cook it. This is not right and such could be a problem. As a man, if your wife doesnt like the way you go out to have fun with friends every now an then, it is wisdom to realize that you have to direct that fun to being with her. You both have a lot to sacrifice as a spouse. Not until you are ready to let go, your house might turn into a boxing room.


You both have to be acountable to yourselves and be very open. Your spouse should be your best friend and all your secrets should be embeded with them not anyone else. You have to be very accountable in your spendings. Money can make a marriage hit the rock. You have to be prudent in your spending and always give account so there wont be any need to smell a rat. Your phones shouldnt have a secret password. What are you hiding? You should be open to communication and accountabiltiy.


Sex is very much important in marriage and God blesses this kind of intercourse. However, since the world is now very busy, many people deny their spouse of sex. It is either they are very tired or not in the mood or not just satisfied. You have to sit to talk about issues like this and mete out ways of working out your sexual life like when you just got married. It might not be as often as it used to be but that aspect shouldnt be ignored. It is wise to ask your spouse how satisfied they are after any sexual activity so that you can know how to come out better next time. If not, they might just start getting satisfaction from someone else and thats the beginning of trouble.


 I was with a couple some years ago and to my uttermost suprise, the husband remarked in my presence to his wife

   'See how your breast has fallen like slippers. Your stomach is now bulgy. You are not even as fine as you were when I first met you'

That was just too harsh and am sure the man must have been bottling this comment in his heart for a very long time for him to spill it out suddenly in my presence. This is why you shouldnt marry anyone because of their physical appearance. It would wane at the end of the day. It should be because of their heart. Love goes beyond the physical appearance. However, there are ways of appearing attractive to your spouse even if you have a bulgy stomach and flat breast. By dressing well and using a nice cologne, you will always look inviting. And I dont think women complain when their men start developing pot belly so I see no reason why you should complain.

You watch celebrities on TV with nice body. Well, they have the money. Give your wife the money and she would be as awesome as they are. If not, love them just as they are because when you married them, you married their trash and junks altogether!

There are still so many reasons but it would be stated in the next post on 'Reasons why your marriage isnt working'. For now, think upon these words and pray about them and God will give you victory in your marriage! AMEN!

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