If you missed yesterday's Holy Ghost congress at the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), then you really missed out o. Anyway, thats a gist for another day. I learnt one dangerous lesson from yesterday's programme.

I told you that this year is a different kind of year and Pastor Adeboye's sermons this year means SERIOUS BUSINESS. I got to know that the devil has no problem with a sinner been rich. If a sinner is very rich and wealthy, he doesnt have a single problem. He would instead sit back and relax and watch you get richer and enjoy your wealth. Why is this?

This is because he knows that even with your riches you are still his and you will eventually burn in hell. He knows you will dedicate your money as a sinner to him and even sin the more and expand his kingdom so he has no problem with that. This is why as a christian you shouldnt be jealous of the riches of anyone, most especially that of a sinner. You should rather be worried about the salvation of such a person.

Mark 8 vs. 36

36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

The devil knows the Bible very well and he knows that if a sinner gains the whole world to himself, he will still loose his soul in hell. So the devil's advise to the sinner is

    'Have fun! Make more money! Get richer so you dont die trying..*winks* The world is all yours but never forget you are mine at the end of the day!'

Pastor Adeboye made us realize that from observation, when the moslems are having their usual Ileya festival, they always get a ram. Now what do they do to this ram? They feed it very well and the children around play with it and the ram would be thinking

    'Wow! I must be very popular! A celeb!'

However, the ram is ignorant of the fact that it is a ram been prepared for the slaughter! This is same with the sinner who is in wealth. He is been prepared for the slaughter! The money will make him well fed which will even enable him burn well when he gets to hell. What a shame!

What then should we as christians do?

Proverbs 24 vs. 11

 Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter.

Thats why we must earnestly win souls to Christ. We must approach them no matter who they are whether they be senators or presidents or vice chancellors or parents or spouse or those feeding us...whoever! The Lord is no respecter of anybody and before Him, they are nothing!

We all know those in charge of wealth in the world today are mostly sinners and the devil has no problem with this knowing fully well that their end is destruction. The popular celebrities, business moguls, technology owners, presidents, musicians, actors etc. Lets speak out and pray for them! However, He has a problem with Christians been wealthy because he knows that Christians would use their money to serve God. To build chruches, to help the needy and to give to God (tithes and offerings). What does he do?

He turns the Christian against God. One way he can do is by making them rob God of tithes. Thats why you see so many heretical churches preaching against tithe. God has said He will place a curse on anyone that robs Him of His 10%. So dont be a victim of this and always win souls EVERYDAY. If you are a sinner, give your life to christ now before it is too late because the devil is having fun watching you sin and move to destruction.


Lord, give me the Grace to serve you alone. Be gracious to me.

Lord, every scheme of the devil to prevent me from reaching my goal, please destroy.

Lord, save the souls of anyone who is staggering to be slaughtered!

Lord, help me win souls to your kingdom in Jesus Name.

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