Before I went back to school, I visited one of the stalls in my estate. The owner is an elderly Lady Envangelist...she might be in her 60s or late 50s. She spoke to me much about God and gave me series of Bible Verses. However, she had a problem I assumed was slight. There was another stall directly opposite her. I often buy things from the owner of the stall. The woman was also elderly - in her 60s too. She is also a tight christian but the funny thing is that these women do not like themselves. If I could use the word 'HATE', it would be overly appropriate.

The Lady Evangelist narrated to me,

       'Whenever this woman (the woman in the opposite stall) sees anyone patronising me, she will fight with me and fight with them. She has always been fighting with me and it all began in December when a company came to buy drinks in bulk. She was angry that they didnt buy from her. The thing is that we sell similar goods and she's just too selfish to allow people to buy from other people'

She spoke on and on and I almost concluded about the other woman. Leaving for school and arriving last week, I was perplexed to meet the same situation - these elderly christian women were still at loggerheads with each other!

The other day, we ran out of eggs in the house and I went to get eggs from the elderly woman and went to the lady evangelist to get chilled satchet water. As I was leaving the lady evangelist shop, the other elderly woman bursted out of her shop and confronted me.

       'Why did you buy water from that woman? Why cant you buy water from me?'

I was dumbfrounded and I replied,

      'Obviously, the other woman has her generator on which she's using to power her fridge to produce cold water and yours isnt on'

She said,

      'Me that I spent time to on my generator last night so that my water can be cold. You didnt now buy from me abi? Next time you want to buy eggs from me, I wont sell to you'

I thought she was kidding,

     'E n ba mi sere abi (You are joking right?)'

She replied,

      'I am serious'

That was when I knew these women seriously had a bone of contention. Funny enough, I am not the first person this woman will refuse to sell for after patronising the lady evangelist. Just when I thought the lady evangelist was a saint, she told me today.

     'Your mom doesnt even visit my shop. She patronises the other woman. She's not my customer'

Ahan...see me see something o. I tried to defend my mom but she kept emphasizing and all. I left there for another shop. I wanted to get call card and the woman who is a young married lady started telling me everything.

    'Those two elderly women are something o! If you are passing their shop in the evening, they will sit opposite each other and start shouting 'HOLY GHOST FIRE, KILL HER! They dont like themselves at all'

My baffled self asked,

     'And no one has intervened? Or what are you doing about the issue?'

She laughed,

     'Me ke. Me that I am young. A young person cannot put mouth in the fight of two old women o. We will sha be watching'

That hurt a lot.

It is a pity that so many christians have lost it! When competition is involved in business or anything, there comes the old nature of bitterness, anger, hatred, envy, jelousy, all traits that are inherent in the unsaved man. But you who know the Lord, who has put off the old man and put on the armour of God and embraced salvation should know better.

James 4 vs. 1

 From whence come wars and fightings among you? come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members?

We are the ones that should be solving issues. People should be able to trust our judgement concerning things. But when we that call ourselves christians are now the ones fighting even amongst ourselves, then there is problem. How can two elderly women be at loggerheads because they sell similar goods and dont want customers to patronise the other? How sense making is that? Many christians do this...at places of work. You dont want the other person to be promoted or praised. In church, In school, even at home, amongst our friends...really?

I am determined to ask these women just one question. They will get angry or, might even abuse me but this question will linger on in their hearts for as long as they remember. I will ask them,

    'If Christ comes NOW, where will you go? Heaven or Hell? Don't assume self - righteousness o. Just know that God will consider your relationship with the other woman. You alone know where you will go. Just reminisce on it.'

This question goes to us too. That person you are fighting with, envying, jealous of, backbiting about, gossiping about, lying against, laughing at, if Christ comes at this instance, where would you spend your eternity? 

Let's Pray

Lord Jesus, we pray concerning those women that you will restore the broken peace in their midst and love unwavered.

Concerning our own relationship with others, Peace be still in Jesus Name. AMEN!

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