Not until I started a christian blog, I didnt know we had over 1000 christian blogs in the world. I was brainwashed with the idea that we had only Entertainment, lifestyle and personal blogs. But just like Elijah thought he was the only living prophet left, God had to inform him that there were over 100 other prophets who would not bow down to baal!.

So here are the 5 christians blogs I wanna reccommend to you. You should read them everyday if you wanna learn more about God and the deep things of God He has revealed to His people.

This is a beautiful christian blog you should bookmark on your website. The blog has about 7 christian authors running it who deliver amazing and biblical contents all the time. Aside from biblical contents, they deal with theological contents and they take you down to handling your everyday life in God's way. And if you are not the ready type, they have podcasts all ready for you. You should check out this awesome blog! To check it out, click the link below



If you have been following this blog from day one, you will realize that I have always been a big fan of Downtown Demure blog. This is a modest and christian fashion blog that showcases fashion in decency. The blog is authored by Liz Roy. She also sometimes tell personal stories but you cannot go wrong with the bold and beautiful pictures she always display on her blog. You would love to dress decently once you start reading her blog. To check it out, click the link below



I so much love this blog because it is an all rounder. They talk about life down to the things many other christian blogs would not want to talk about which ranges from sex to hell. It is a really insightful and beautiful blog. They have nice packages for readers such as videos, Bible verses, e - books etc. Their main concern is to discuss all these issues in order to help christians grow in the faith. How fabulous! To check it out, click the link below



This should have been my favourite but I will leave it at the number 2 spot. Do you know why its so different from other blogs? Its because you only get to read whatever the author of a blog decides to upload on the blog. In a way, you are restricted. But in this blog called GOT QUESTIONS, it is majorly about you asking ANY question you have been willing to ask for years and the author will give you full answers to it according to the Bible. You will be amazingly shocked! To check it out, click the link below



Yaay! And we are number one!!!!! What better way to end the blog list than to add my own blog as number one. Emete's Mind is a christian blog that was built in a bid to connect us back to God. Every christian from the day of being born again has one peculiar ministy as ordained by God which is the ministry of reconciliation. God wants us to reconcile the world back to Him by preaching the Gospel and winning souls to His kingdom. What better way for me to fulfill this ministry out of my tight and busy schedule than by creating a blog solely for that purpose. This blog is authored by Grace Emete Smart. To check it out, kindly click the 'HOME' icon on the drop down menu above or the link below


And thats it! Make sure you keep reading and reading. Don't just read them, be a practical reader!

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