So I was going through a blog and I stumbled on this beautiful post from the blog - THE MAN CALLED KENNY . The post title reminded me of the sermons I used to hear from the local pastor in my local parish when I was younger and I decided to share the excerpt with you all. Have a beautiful read!

Bible Text: Isaiah 41:10-13 (13)
Helpers of destiny are people whom God has designed to elevate and assist us in fulfilling our purpose in life, because God won’t come down physically, He uses man. For example, in Mark 2:1-12, the paralysed man’s friends were destiny helpers because they tried everything and had to break the roofs just for him to be healed. How many people could do such? It takes divine helpers and so this month, men that won’t rest until you break through in life and career, shall locate you in Jesus’ name.
Rev (Dr.) Amos Fenwa of The Holy Ghost Christian Centre, those years as a bible student, would teach an old colleague things she couldn’t understand. One day, this woman said, Amos; “I’m very rich and my children are all established, ask me anything”. She paid all his fees till he graduated. Eh! I decree, strange doors of opportunities shall begin to open up for you in Jesus’ name. Therefore, no matter how rich, cute or bold you are, we all need assistance and connections to excel in life. That’s why you want to pray this morning for that helper of destiny to find you out this week.
Be Born Again!
1. Father, in all my endeavours, please send helpers of destiny to me.
2. Thou favour and mercy of God, baptise my life and make me a billboard of His Glory.
3. Lord, help my helpers so they may remember me. Hence, I can help others too.

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