Yesterday night, I read the book of Ephesians chapter 4 and I really enjoyed it. However, the first verse or opening verse caught my attention so much. From the way he wrote, we can decipher that Apostle Paul was a really humble man who cared so much about people - the gentiles and the jews. He always took out time to encourage them, pray for them and he loved them to the extent that he was persecuted for his perseverance.
To me, he wasnt just a leader by mouth but a leader by example. When he told them to work, he wasnt idle. When he told them to fast, he fasted even more. When he told them to pray, he prayed without ceasing. When he told them to persevere, he did so in all Joy and humility. I think the leaders of today should follow his example.

So what does Ephesians 4 vs. 1 say?

Ephesians 4 vs. 1

 As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received.

However you may want to interpret that verse, I was able to understand it to mean that we should live a life worthy of the calling God has given us. This indicates that there are many people who are called by God but arent living their lives worthy of that calling. They are in other words, dishonouring God who called them by living a life that is at war with their calling.

For example, Apostle Paul was an Apostle and to be an apostle, you have to be humble, patient, given to fasting and prayers and he lived his life in accordance with those attributes. Jesus was a teacher and not only taught the people, He lived by example because he always prayed, fasted etc. 

God might have called you to be an apostle, a prophet, an evangelist, a pastor, a teacher, a counselor, a gospel musician, a helper, or He might have given you the ministry of healing the sick, performing miracles. The calling is fine but are you living your life worthy of that calling?

When I was in my 100 level, I attended the freshers welcome of a particular church on campus and I was baffled by how the person who led the Praise and Worship dressed. This sister wore a micro mini skirt. Mini skirt would have made me breath though its wrong but a micro mini? And the funny thing was that she was speaking in tongues and she led the Praise and Worship in an awesome way.

God might have called her to be a songstress who will pull crowd to His kingdom but is she living her life based on her dressing worthy of that calling? I also have a friend who is a chorister but doesnt know how to talk. He uses a whole lot of curse words and abusive words and he doesnt see anything bad in it. Its just like calling yourself a prayer warrior but you dont pray. And when God leaves such a person, that calling would still be manifesting but for a while. The most common example is that of a Fan. When the power is disconnected from the fan, it doesnt stop rolling immediately. It keeps on rolling but that doesnt mean there is still power in it. Its symbolical to not practising what you preach.

Let's check our lives and see if we are still living our lives worthy of our calling. Lets even be sure that we have not yet been disconnected from the power of God. If we have, lets come boldly unto the throne of Grace and with godly sorrow, repent from our sins. May God help us in Jesus Name. 

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