Blogging is a profession...truth be told. We have people living their lives on the output of blogging. Perhaps it should become a professional course or something. Blogging is now well recognised today that if you are one, you are automatically referred to as an . When people call me an entrepreneur based on me being a blogger, my lips tend to tilt to the left. Anyways, I am glad there is respect in the profession.

But I would almost be right to insinuate that a blogger or other bloggers are so so different from Christian bloggers. Now this is the face I get when I tell people that I am a Christian blogger


And I always give this kind of face...actually, in my mind. Almost like I shouldn’t have mentioned it.

At some point, I almost stopped telling people that I am a christian blogger...can you imagine? But it was inevitable because when I tell people to check my blog, they always say things like,

  ‘Oh, really? You blog? That’s fantastic!’

At that moment, I am like

But then, the bombshell comes, they then ask

      ‘So what’s your blog about?’

That moment, am so like this

And then, I began to stutter. Now, I get three kinds of response when I tell people that I am a Christian blogger. The first one is like this

These ones motivate me. They tell me they are happy about it and so remind me that I should be proud that I am a christian blogger because that makes me distinct and different.
The second one is like this

These ones are so indifferent about it. They care less. Most of them would end up not checking the blog anyway.
And the third one is like this

Now this third expression could be divided into two. The first one is like this

These ones have this kind of facial expression like they are so upset and disappointed with me for choosing ‘Christian’ blogging rather than the common entertainment, politics etc.
While the second one is like this

They are kind of upset too but they don’t want me to feel bad about it and so they end up faking a smile like this

Seriously, it’s not being beans but I have sat to think about it. I can’t be embarrassed of being a Christian blogger. God is proud of me. The genuine Christians are proud of me. So why should I care what someone else thinks? So now, if you ask me what I do, I will simply say,
    ‘Oh, I am a Christian blogger and my blog address is I hope you have a nice read on it!’

I care less about the facial expressions and shouldn’t count anyways. Glory to God for that!And the most important thing to me is that people are blessed by reading the content and get connected back to God. Be proud of who you are and whatever you do. If no one is, well God is!...#winks

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