Its not what you are thinking. Its no food because I used the word 'sauce'. Well, at the inception of the creation of this blog, I promised to start a vlog but for some reasons, I couldnt. So, since this is a lifestyle blog, I just have to keep up with it and give u some tips on how I go about my everyday life every week.

What I am saying in essence is that VERY SOON, either on monday or so... I would be starting a PLOG on this BLOG. The name of the PLOG is 'My Lifestyle Sauce'. Well, I coined out the name PLOG from Picture Blogging. Rather than a vlog, I will send you pictures I took during the week and this will give you an insight of how I spent my week, the places I went, my church service etc. Trust me, you will like it..I HOPE SO.

So, anticipate it dearies. Have a Jol!

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