Lately, I have been getting attention to the fact that readers love my countdown - My 5 top 'whatever' countdown (Glory to God) and I think making it an everyday thing won't be so bad. So, whenever I am done with the posts of the day, I will conclude with my 5 top countdown. So, dont miss it for anything. Today, we will be counting down to the 5 top Gospel Singers in Nigeria. I will also do the 5 top Gospel singers in the world. But let's enjoy today's countdown!

This versatile Gospel Singer started singing in 2011 with the defunct group - Midnight Crew - which he left to form his own label record called Spaghetti Records. While he was with the group, he was known for his distinct and unique way of singing, especially in the 'yoruba-fuji' way which won him a lot of hearts in Nigeria and in diaspora. After going solo, he went on to drop great singles that kept playing in the hearts of Nigeria, churches, crusades and even outside the country, However, things havent been too sweet for him in the marital way as it was reported that his marriage hit the rocks. May God heal the wound in his marriage. He is the 5th top Gospel Singer in Nigeria because he is currently hot in the Gospel scene and is been called to minister in several places.


This man of God who is also a Gospel Singer has been in the Gospel Music Industry for quite a while but was brought into the limelight when he was featured in a song titled 'IMELA'. The song made him a household name and need as the song was been played all over Nigeria. After IMELA, he went on to release deep christian songs and this has kept him on top of his game. What is most outstanding about him is his use of the trumpet he plays in events and in his songs. He is respectable as his songs through the help of God has touched so many lives. He is the seat of attraction to those outside the country and in the country.


She is a solo singer who was once a member of a defunct group which was popular in the early 2000s alongside the popular celebrity photographer, Ty Bello. This indicates that she has been in the Gospel Music Scene for a very long time. Her break out was after the release of one of her studio albums which was a massive hit all over the country with popular songs like 'Ijoba Orun', 'Hallelujah', 'Forever in my heart' etc. It was the ringtone of many and was the song played in many schools, churches in Nigeria and Diaspora. Lara George hasnt sitten down ever since as she keeps dropping new gospel songs every year and is called to minister both in Nigeria and outside the country. She is married already and has gone from singing only gospel songs to a bit of love songs as we can see in songs like 'forever in my heart', 'love nwantiti' and her latest song, 'durotimi'.


  He is the youngest on the list but has managed to create a name for himself. He is one of the kids established by the Christ Embassy Church otherwise known as Love World Ministries. At the back of all his albums, he always give appreciation to Pastor Chris Oyakilome and his wife, Pastor Anita Oyakilome which is common among singers who were produced from Christ Embassy Church. They do not forget their roots so easily! Should we say he was very fortunate because he started shining from the day he dropped his first studio albums. All the songs were massive hits and were continuous playbacks in big cities in Nigeria such as PortHacourt Lagos, Ibadan etc. He has not stepped back since then and he keeps wowing his fans. Just recently, he announced an on-going collaboration with Award winning International Gospel Singer, Don Moen which came as a shock to so many. He switches between Nigeria and foreign countries as he is many times been called to minister outside the country.


She is the first born of the Gospel Singers who are products of the popular church in Nigeria, Christ Embassy. She is a minister indeed as all her songs are backed up with strong and deep spiritual lyrics. Just like Frank Edwards, her first studio album shot her into the limelight as one of her songs 'more of you' became a major hit and was the favourite of many in Nigeria and Diaspora. Her second studio album did very well in the market as well but her subsequent albums are yet to stand out like the former. Anyway, she is the number one on today's countdown because she is a very versatile minister and a role model to many. She keeps gettings called to minister both in Nigeria and outside the country and is one of the strongest on the list as major times, she is paid in millions of Naira to minister. She is happily married to one of the Pastors in her Church, Christ Embassy.

So these are the 5 top Gospel musicians in Nigeria that made the list. I pray God blesses their ministry as they bless us with their songs! Keep a date with the blog tomorrow as I will be counting down with another beautiful list. God bless you and have a Good and Glorious Night!

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