One of the scariest thing one can ever imagine is Hell...not just hell but Hell - Fire burning with brimstone and so many other things. If you have ever been burnt by fire or hot water or hot iron or the hot sun, that would give you a little idea of how hot the fire in hell would be. Hell is not a nice place for anyone to be and as we all know, it wasnt initially created for us but when man fell by succumbing to satan, hell became home for the devil, his fallen angels, his demons and unrepentant sinners.
I was at a vigil yesterday night. It started by 11pm proper and it ended around 4am this morning. The morning was so cold and we were served hot tea and buttered bread to not only cool our bodies but also cool our minds because it might take a while before many people recover from the message of the vigil. Out of everything the Pastor that preached said, he emphasized on the soon - happening rapture. Before he spoke, one of our senior Pastors came over to give us a talk and it all bordered around rapture.

The Second Pastor mentioned that many people have been having different visions and dreams concerning the rapture and I just felt so guilty because I have had like 2 or 3 dreams about rapture and I kept them to myself. If you have ever dreamt of rapture, you will understand what I am saying because I was so so way so scared like my heart was pounding and I was crying for God's mercy and forgiveness for the rest of the day. But the selfish me refused to allow me share my warning dreams with anyone. I still had one this year and it was really intense and saddening as too many people didnt make it - TOO MANY PEOPLE.

If you know Christ, give God all the Glory for that priviledge. If you are a Christian, thank God everyday for the priviledge because many people do not have this same opportunity as you have. Many were born into moslem homes and will never accept Jesus. Many were born into traditional worshippers home and will never believe in Jesus but God gave you this beautiful opportunity, Praise God for the salvation of your soul. And don't ask God why some are born into non - christian homes. God is absolutely unquestionable.

Now, if you are reading this, thank God because He loves you and is giving you a second chance. Rapture isnt beans. Rapture isnt a lie. Rapture isnt a joke. Do you know those that will be raptured? Only those who are pure, Holy, righteous, sanctified and are genuine children of God. Those who love God and have always waitied and expected His coming patiently, daily warning people about the danger of hell. Rapture is true and it will happen soon, very soon. It is closer now than it was before.

And when rapture occurs, the saints will be caught up with Christ in the sky. And the rest on earth? What will happen to the rest on earth? Well, the devil will come back to torment the rest on earth and that's where the concept of the mark of the beast comes into play. Its the mark 666 and if you don't have it, you will be tortured. And those who endure torture to death will Christ come back for while the millions, perhaps billions that wouldn't will go to hell with the devil.


This is no Grade one story tale. Its the truth and its what will happen soon. And do you know the people that will go to hell? They are the unrepentant sinners. One may be a sinner and repent now and be saved from hell. But those sinners that do not believe and are unrepentant have no place in Heaven. I once met a man at a cafe who laughed at me for talking to him about the coming of Christ. He said Christ is never coming back because he has been waiting all his life and he can see its a fallacy. One of my cab men who is a moslem told me the same and I only nodded my head in pain because the devil has deceived too many.

Why has Christ not come? Let's see why in the Bible

Matthew 24 vs. 14

 And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come

Now Christ will not come till the gospel is preached to every single person on this earth...to the ends of the earth. Then, there will be no excuse. No one will have to say they didnt hear or they didnt know. So while the gospel is spreading, its also giving us the chance to repent. Many people are on and off christians. Its time to get serious - very serious and face God and determine to serve Him for life and never compromise. Its giving us the chance to run back to our maker because when rapture occurs and Christ comes, there will be no second chance, no more opportunity.


How can we facilitate the coming of Christ? You can facilitate His coming by doing the work of the master which is a clear instruction He gave us before He left in the the book of

Mark 16 vs. 15

 And He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.

Have you been preaching the Gospel? How many people have you brought to Christ? Are you even concerned about the souls of others? Are you giving aids to missionary work? Are you reaching out to the poor and desolate? Are you scared of preaching the true gospel to that rich and influential man? Your parents? Your lecturer? Your spouse? Or even your friends so that they wont call you 'spirikoko, holier than thou, virgin mary' or are you even the one calling others these names? Today is your day of salvation and repentance!


Let's all come boldly before the throne of Grace to God who is merciful and kind. The God who loves us to the extent of sending His only begotten and beloved son to die for our sins so that we will not perish. If He didnt spare His son, my dear, He wont spare you if you are left behind. Don't be left behind! Heed to the warnings. I am talking to everyone reading this including myself. Let's thank God for giving us a second chance and opportunity to repent again.

And what if you die before rapture? Funny thing is that no one knows when death will come knocking. We all pray for long lives but you never can tell who is next. Yes, who is next? So why dont you prepare your body soul and spirit for Christ - for Heaven. What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and loose his soul in hell? NOTHING! 100% Loss. May God help us to be ready for Him all the time in Jesus name. And may we not be found wanting when the trumpet shall sound in Jesus Name. AMEN!

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