Glory to God, my dear readers and friends...God's Beloved! Celebrate God in my life because I am finally a certified worker in THE REDEEMED CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF GOD. Our exam was yesterday and God took all the control. The exam was really exhausting because we had to elucidate a lot which i so much detest. However, even though I read less, God still took control in a great way. I not only came out Excellent, I came out first getting 85% and Pastor still remarked that I deserved even more marks. GLORY TO GOD!
So, I am now a certified Sunday School Teacher in RCCG and I am glad because I love to teach a lot. This would give me the opportunity as empowered by God's Grace to teach the word of God to God's people. I also love to listen to others...my sunday school class in church will surely be interactive and a bit humourous because if you know me in reality, you will know I love to crack some ribs. Well, all Glory to God and I will surely follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

My Graduation is next week and I am super excited. I would have shown you a lot of pics but the young boy I told to snap me, did a beautiful job by not snapping what I expected. Anyway, I will start bringing you the goodies of my sunday school teacher experience. So be expectant, hons. Have a Glorious Day!

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